Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cribs: Columbia College Edition

Well I've officially been in Columbia for five days now and I've finally got some pics for you! It's been pretty low key since I've been here. Only two run-in's with the cops already.

There is currently no hot water in any of the residence halls on campus. Housing's remedy is keys for all the live-in staff to go shower at the guest house. It's right across the street so not too big of a deal. That is unless you're me and completely ignore the pamphlet that came with the key. The pamphlet that explains the alarm system and gives you the code. To disarm the alarm that went off on me for approximately ten minutes until the cops came. Whoopsies!

Besides the hot water though I'm very excited and happy about my apartment. Besides the lack of electrical outlets in the bathroom. And the fact that my front door locks behind me...*cue my second run in with the Columbia College Police Department*

Any little issues I have though are very much compensated by my ridiculously amazing closet. It is huge. For the first time in my life it's not busting full. There's tons of storage with shelves on both sides and the top. Whenever I'm feeling blue I just open the closet door, stand there and soak in its glory.

I've been in the office for two days, mainly just getting oriented to the building, staff and procedures. Then today was an all day retreat with the entire Student Affairs staff. We did a lot of ice breaker and personality test activities in true SA fashion. I'm still a strong orange-blue with "True Colors" which was good to know. The other GA in my office is also an orange so I'm sure that will make for a fun year. Our boss is a gold, hopefully she wasn't too worried!

With no further adieu here are some pictures of my apartment. It's basically two rooms, when you walk in there's a big room that is like the living/dining room and my little baby kitchen. Then there's my bedroom which is massive. You could seriously put a king size blow up mattress on the floor next to my bed. So holla if you want come visit! I know there's massive amounts of pics, but I'm sending this to friends and family so they can get an idea of what my place looks like.

Welcome :)

The living room/dining room area

The kitchen area

My bedroom

My absolutely fabulous & amazing closet

My little bathroom

Flowers on my little back porch :)

Hope you enjoyed the tour! Keep your eyes peeled for some pictures of the outside of the building, my office in the Student Center and of campus. There's some construction and landscaping going on right now so hopefully campus will be all pretty again soon. And if you want to send me any goodies let me know and I'll send you my mailing address ;)

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The Diana Dialogs said...

Your home looks so sweet! Welcome to Columbia!