Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Road Trippin'

Wow, so some excitement and travel in my life right now--aka things to actually blog about! I'm writing to you from The Sunshine State, and couldn't be more thrilled to be on vacation. Ok so really I do nothing all week at home, but now I get to do nothing all week at the beach. It's much more exciting and at least I'll finally be able to work on my summer glow a bit more.

On Sunday my sister Alyssa and I departed for NC and stayed the night in Raleigh with some friends. We woke up early on Monday to go and tour NC State which is in her list of possible schools for next year. I introduced her to Bojangles for breakfast and was happy that she approved.

We went to a little info session and then did a lot and hot tour around campus. I'd have to say I was rather impressed by their info session and a lot of the information they presented and Alyssa even won a t-shirt from a little trivia game at the end! She took a cute picture with the wolf statue in the visitor center but right now I'm way too lazy to get up and get my camera to put it up on here. As I've had quite a few friends that went to NCSU and only really ever drove by it, it was nice to finally see some of it.

While I am spoiled by the gorgeous brick, Georgian column's, and landscaping of UNCW, it was a pretty nice campus. Personally I think the buildings have a more industrial feel, but the landscaping was nice--it's such a big campus! Unlike the info session our tour guide was...interesting. No I was never a tour guide but I saw at least two on campus per week during undergrad. All UNCW Ambassadors were always walking backwards, talking very loudly and making sure to engage visitors in the back of our group. This was not the case. However, the tour was still nice and had some fun information despite the use of the words "y'alls" "freshmens" and "libary."

I didn't know that State has a creamery on campus with ice cream from their own campus cows, reminded me of my amazing two weeks at Penn State and the world famous creamery they have there. After the tour we had lunch, did some browsing on Hillsborough St. and then went to an Engineering info session as this is the prospective major. They're a great school for this major...but I'll be honest that I zoned out for this hour. I did learn that they have a nuclear reactor on campus (and were the first to do so!) which I thought was a neat fact.

Afterwards (and after also introducing Alyssa to Cook Out milkshakes!) we got back in the car for a good eight hours to make the rest of the way to Florida to meet my parents. We began with the license plate game, finding at least 23 states and D.C. We actually got really into it and I think I pissed off a lot of drivers with slowing down/speeding up to view plates of the cars we passed...whoops! We saw 36 billboards advertising South of the Border between Raleigh and actually passing SOTB at the NC/SC border of I-95.

I'd have to say the most entertaining point came at dinner. After eating fast food crap all day I really wanted a salad. We found Zaxby's (score!) and I was super excited to get a "zalad" for dinner, however I didn't feel like actually stopping to eat and further delaying our arrival time. As my car is manual and my sister can't drive it yet this was interesting. The plan was for my sister to practically feed me while I drove through Georgia. After getting settled and back on the road we realized we were not given any silverware, fml. Stopped again at a gas station and could only find a spork. For a good half hour my sister passed me "spork-fulls" of salad as I drove. This was probably very dangerous considering the combination of sporadic rain showers, the licenses plate game and my lead foot. Luckily, we made it to FL.

The first day at the beach was lovely and I already read one whole book today and started another by Candace Bushnell. I'm working on a "Beach Reads" post to let you know about all of these great reads I've encountered, keep your eyes peeled. Tomorrow we're venturing to Orlando to go to Islands of Adventure for Harry Potter world. Also expect a post from that as I'm so excited I probably won't be able to sleep and get so hyped when I think about getting to taste butterbeer and play in Olivander's wand shop. Yes, I LOVE Harry Potter and am proud of it!

For now it's time to read and get to bed as it's going to be an early morning but I'm excited to share these adventures with y'all later this week!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mustangs & Gym Etiquette

Just before 9:00pm on a Saturday night and where do I find myself? Already washed up and ready for bed. Yes, this is what my life has come to and again why I'm beginning to pour everything I'm thinking (which isn't much due to my lack of intellectual stimulation) into this darn blog. Oh well, more fun (kind of?) for the lovely readers. I guess this is a step up from yesterday. Besides going to the gym in the morning all I did was read, even while I was babysitting (no worries the child was asleep). I read straight until about 12:30am when I finished the book I began yesterday morning, One Fifth Avenue by Candace Bushnell. Look for a review in the "Beach Reads" post coming soon.

While I have been kind of obnoxious about being bored I actually did something this week. I went up to Stevenson University (near Baltimore) to kind of do a mini one day "internship" if you'd like to call it that. Really I just realized I was wasting so much time at home when there are so many schools around. Of course I realize this way too late and email schools the second week of June to see if they need any help in their orientation offices. Of course pretty much no one did.

However, the man I contacted at Stevenson welcomed me to come up for a few days and shadow him, get to know the staff and oversee how their new student orientation, or "Mustang Days," ran. As orientation was never something I was directly involved with (although my best friend in college was pretty much the UNCW orientation God) during undergrad I figured may as well get as much experience as I can right? So I journeyed up there on Wednesday. I arrived a half an hour early (as I am ridiculously paranoid of being late), and so treated myself to some Starbucks which thanks to my Garmin I found out was just minutes away from campus.

I spent the day getting to meet staff around the school, touring the campus (one of two campuses the university has), meeting the OWL's (Orientation & Welcome Leaders are their official titles), and just kind of being a little minion for things they needed help with. While there wasn't too much learning it was good experience and it was honestly just great to be back in the college setting. I miss it so much.

I just miss being around people with the same passion as me, who understand what I'm talking about. One of the staff members went to Longwood College where she was in Zeta Tau Alpha. Being the school were Tri Sigma (and also Alpha Sigma Alpha & Kappa Delta, fondly known as the "Farmville Four" as the school is in Farmville, VA--you're NPC lesson of the day!) was founded it was an instant connection. That instant Greek/NPC connection that makes you feel so welcome and I loved making all during this past year traveling.

All in all it was a good day and I thoroughly enjoyed all of the people I got to met, and their kind words when hearing I was going to be attending South Carolina. "Great program!" "They do wonderful things down there!" "You're lucky to be headed there!" Only reinforcing my decision to attend USC...not that I ever doubted it for a second.

Now I've decided to split the topics of this post as I was rather annoyed earlier this morning during my workout and decided it was worth blogging about. I was really sick on Wednesday & Thursday of this week, taking a hiatus from my normal workout routine. I ventured back to the gym today and while I couldn't fully complete my usual time on the treadmill I did my best. Afterwards as usual I went to use the weight machines. I was waiting for the last machine I like to use, the one you kneel on and swivel your hips side to side, that works your abs & obliques.

There was an older man using this machine (drenched in sweat may I add), so I posted up and rested for a minute to let him finish before heading over there. However he just took his sweet old time. Now this is a machine a lot of people use at the gym and there is only one. In between reps he decided to get off the machine and stare up at the TV for approximately three minutes before getting back on. He continued this for 3 sets on each side, seriously?

I think one of my biggest issues is what he was watching. Of the four TV's he was not tuned into Headline News, ESPN which was playing the South Korea vs. Uruguay game or Fox News (which OK can't blame him on that one haha) he was watching some stupid movie called Underclassman on TBS that did NOT even have the captions on it.

I'm pretty sure the lady who's elliptical I was standing next to thought I was stalking her or something as I creepily hovered until this old man finally finished and sauntered to the left to continue his routine on the next machine. This is the first of many "gym etiquette" tags I'll be using as I've realized there are lot of really annoying things that I notice people doing at the gym. Please learn (or read my blog) before deciding to head out for your daily workout so you are not an offender. Maybe most of this just really occurs at the World Gym in Owings, MD but you can never be quite sure.

Well after this ranting I'm going to finish my pre-bed rituals, again I know I am way lame-o at the moment. While picking back up (and hopefully finishing) the book I began today Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven by Susan Jane Gilman, which is amazing so far btw, I'll continue to leave the TV on the Carolina vs. Clemson game. Hopefully this will end well as I'm venturing to see two of my Clemson friends tomorrow and if (and when) Carolina wins I'm planning to wear a USC shirt...GO GAMECOCKS!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

clut·ter (klŭt'ər)

clut·ter (klŭt'ər)


  1. A confused or disordered state or collection; a jumble: sorted through the clutter in the attic.
  1. A confused noise; a clatter.
v., -tered, -ter·ing, -ters.v.tr.
  1. To fill or spread over in a disorderly manner: Boxes cluttered the garage.
  1. To make disorderly or hard to use by filling or covering with objects: I cluttered up my desk with old memos.
Poppy Seed & Chicken salad. After eating it I wasn't so excited anymore. I mean it was tasty but yea not so exciting. It was full of fruit--the strawberries clearly I knew about--and the mandarin oranges and pineapple were definitely canned. I'm a big fan of lots of veggies in my salad and this was just way too sweet for me. I must admit I do love their Fuji Apple Chicken Salad, but that is loaded with veggies and cheese in addition to the apple crisps and sweet/tangy dressing. Luckily I ordered 1/2 and 1/2 with my usual Bacon Turkey Bravo sandwich so it wasn't a complete waste. You live & you learn.
(Courtsey of Answers.com)

I'm guessing you've figured out what this is going to be about? Great job, clutter! I've picked this topic for a few reasons. First of all my mind is full of clutter. I think I have a hard time sleeping at night because I do nothing. I go to the gym, I lay out, I go shopping, cook, read, and occasionally I babysit. I'm not really using my noggin or participating in any very intellectual conversations. I've decided (as I'm sure you may have noticed) to use blogging as a way to de-clutter my brain. I'm trying to blog more often (and close-ish to bedtime) to get my thoughts out and hoping this will help me start sleeping better at night.

Second of all...I just have a lot of freakin' clutter! I have stuff, lots of stuff. I have stuff in my room. I have my college stuff packed up in the garage. Heck, I've still got tons of high school in my room here at home. I hold on to stuff, and some of it's fine--that's what my memory box is for. Some of it's not. Like do I really need the ticket stub to every UNCW basketball I attended during my undergraduate career, I think not.

I have quite a few boxes under the second bed in my room full of just stuff. Random things that have gotten boxed because they didn't fit anywhere else or were forgotten until all of the packing was done. I'm devoting myself to going through all of these boxes and weeding out all of the junk that I do not need. I'm going box by box every night. I must say I've found some gems. For those Seahawks that may be reading I found a Wing Fling '06 ticket and Kat's Taxi bottle opener/keychain. OK so I saved those for the memory box....

I've come to believe that clutter is genetic. My house has a lot of stuff, my grandmother's house has a lot of stuff, everyone's house in my family has always had a lot of stuff. When discussing with my grandmother we can trace it back some to the depression and the need to hang on to everything. I'm definitely guilty of this. "Should I throw away this jean jacket? OMG no, what if I have a jixer (jean mixer--duh--which probably will never occur again now that I'm out of undergrad) to go to, this will be necessary!" I got rid of quite a few things last year that I always kept around for sorority functions and themed parties. Some of it I regret as I've actually found that I could have still used them.

Some of it now I think comes from the going green mantra. We don't want to throw things away and have them sitting in landfills. It can be more time consuming to recycle or to go by a thrift store or Good Will. I'm stripping down to the bare minimum. And with the hopes of having my room painted (a delicious shade of light minty green!) this summer I think this dream can become a reality as I'll have to literally go through all of the junk in my room to clean it out for things like this.

In the midst of these thoughts it's probably a great to let y'all know that I went shopping again today...whoopsies. I guess my little splurge yesterday to hold me off for the rest of the summer didn't work out quite that well. Went back to Bowie, but with my mother today as it was her first day of summer vacation (she's a kindergarten teacher) and after the year she had it was time for some fun!

We first went to Panera. After hearing commercials we were excited to try the Strawberry

Then of course some more shopping was on the menu. I got my mother to purchase me another Pineapple Orchid candle from Bath & Body Works as I was informed it's a summer scent and what was in the store was all they would ever have left. To say the least, I am devastated. Of course purchased some more from Victoria's Secret. The real place I bombed was NY & Co. They were having a sale, which we missed last night as the store was closed before we could get there. In my defense I got four tops and three bottoms for $75 and all of it (except for the shorts) can be worn for professional attire. I had a field day in there, the only disappointments were the cutest shift dresses only available in small and a pair of white pants I desperately wanted (that fit perfectly!) but just wouldn't cut it on the see-through factor. Bummer.

These are probably my favorite find of the day. They are absolutely adorable, the fit like Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants good, and I absolutely cannot wait to wear them with a black top and the garnet cardigan also purchased from NY&C.

In addition I purchased a gorgeous green sleeveless button down and new black skirt which I will be wearing to day 1 of my "mini-internship" at Stevenson University tomorrow with their orientation office. Professional dress in the summer is a beast. Especially when you literally are dripping in sweat from going from your house to the car, or the car to wherever you're going once you get there. I'm excited to see what tomorrow shall hold and it should be interesting as it's a big commuter campus so I know it will be a lot different than what I'm used to as far as schools go.

Well getting back to the clutter deal I've decided to throughly clean my room (slash shove everything away out of sight) as I also sleep better that way and want to feel fresh & ready to go when I leave tomorrow morning. And when I say morning I mean 6:40am as it's up a bit past Baltimore and I'm ridiculously scared of how bad the rush hour traffic is going to be. Please send thoughts my way.

That's all until the ramblings I'll have for you tomorrow. Let's hope they don't include any new additions to my wardrobe...

Monday, June 21, 2010

A Little Splurge

I realized it had been quite a while since there had been any new additions to my wardrobe. I used tonight to quickly fix this. I set out on a mission to Best Buy as the charger for my Garmin GPS is no longer working. I don't think I shared this story but I realized it wasn't working two weekends ago...while I was driving to DC to visit my friend Caitlin. Luckily I have a Blackberry (couldn't live without it!) and had Google Maps up and running in no time. I never got lost but it certainly was a pain, and probably dangerous to be trying to navigate with my phone.

Anyhow I set out for a new charger. After spending $30 for something that probably cost like $10 to make I needed to buy some fun stuff. I actually went on this adventure because I knew Bath & Body Works was having their semi-annual sale, but we'll just pretend it was a coincidence. Nothing gets me like that store during a sale!

I used the opportunity to buy things for the apartment. It was a good purchase because I didn't feel too bad as I used the gift card that I won at the South Carolina housing fair. I've decided to put that money towards things for the apartment and it was so fun to swipe that card knowing that it wasn't actually hooked up to my checking account! I got a bunch of stuff in Pineapple Orchid which smells too yummy. It's fruity and floral but it's not too strong. I got a few candles and one of those wallflowers scents things with about a million refills. Of course also stocked up on some hand soap for the bathroom & kitchen. I think you know you're becoming an adult when home product start getting very exciting to you.

Of course we also made our way to Old Navy, always a mistake for me. I only got a few things which I very much justified. I got two pairs of sleep boxers and a pair of PJ pants. I realized I really don't have many PJ's. My fave pair of PINK VS ones ripped while traveling this past year and I usually wear gym shorts.
They're too cute aren't they?!

I also got these really cute bathing suit bottoms. I have some random yellow tops but the bottoms I bought with them are so faded from wearing with other tops that they look silly together now. I absolutely can't wait to wear these in Florida next week!
So now I'm going to try and be good for the rest of the summer. As stated in a previous post just looking for things that I actually need. And I mean I pretty much needed the bathing suit bottoms (to go with those tops!), the PJ's because I barely have any, and I also got two pairs of tights. OK so maybe I didn't need the tights it's like 90* and June. However, they were really cheap and I found gray tights to replace the ones that ripped while traveling this past year. I think one of the reasons I'm such a shopaholic is because I'm also a great rationalizer.

All in all a lovely day! Went to the gym. Laid out in the backyard with the best friends. Our typical afternoon with the kiddie pool & sprinkler...don't hate. Picked up a fresh stack of books from the library, shopping and then Coldstone, yum! On top of that it was like until like 9:30pm which is why June 21 is my favorite day of the year!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

38 Days Too Long

Sundays. I don't think Sundays ever change. No matter if I've been in school or working, traveling or at home. Sundays always make you think about the week ahead, analyze the week you've just finished, and it always seems like a fresh slate for the next seven days. I've spent this Sunday indulging in a large amount of R&R after holding and competing in the first Beer Olympics for my friends yesterday. I will have an entire post dedicated to those festivities after I get some pictures from the games.

The past week was rather uneventful, as per usual. I'm starting to evaluate whether or not I should even be keeping a blog this summer as I've noticed the lack of excitement in my day planner. Nonetheless you can enjoy the mundane details of my everyday life about once per week. I realized I forgot to post pictures from my brother's graduation. Of course there were more "before" photos than ones in the grad gown after the commencement ceremony.

AMT, AET (the grad!) & AMT--yes my sister and I have the same initials, if we had the same taste we could share the same monogrammed items...what a waste!

I remember how I was also rather annoyed the night of my high school grad. Just wanting to run and find my friends, change and get the "Project Grad" hosted by our school. AKA a lame cruise through the National Harbour, but hey five years later and I'm over it. But the same as I did almost five years ago to the day, our family sat in massive amounts of traffic on Rt.4 and made our way to the Equestrian Center/Showplace Arena in Upper Marlboro for Northern High School's graduation. I love that we graduate the same place where we used to watch minor league hockey games in elementary school.

Watched the grads march in clad in their red (class council & National Honor Society), white (girls) and blue (boys) robes. Listened to ridiculously boring and mundane speeches (that I don't recall changing much from five years ago) from my old principal along with one of the board of ed members who was also my middle school teacher, fun. After listening to 400 names (along with quite a few obnoxious air horns, which the ceremony guests were punished for) and a few speeches it was time. I must admit I always do love the student speeches. The class president's was by far my fave. It provided a few laughs, a few tears and she quoted The Hangover. Afterwards I read in the local paper, The Calvert Recorder, that at least one student speech at each of the four high school's in my county quoted this beloved movie.

As with every Northern High School graduation the class president's speech ended the same. Asking for the class of 2010 to let their Patriot colors fly as the graduates threw fistfuls of confetti into the air--always making for a great picture! My brother's grad party was yesterday, although I was prepping with my team for Beer Olympics (which my relatives found quite amusing and I'll share more later when that post comes!) and only lingered around for an hour but it was nice to see lots of fam and have lots of yummy food!

I finished my book of the week, Jen Lancaster's Pretty in Plaid. I must admit she is in my top 5
favorite authors. I feel like I relate to her books more than words can say and I love her witty and sarcastic writing style. I love that she uses fun little footnotes to add even more witty and sarcastic comments into her stories. Here's my favorite excerpt from this one:

I absolutely plan on marrying a fraternity guy because their ability to pledge allegiance to something bigger than themselves in the name of commitment--even though it's sometimes guaranteed to suck--is the exact quality I want in a husband.
Pretty in Plaid, Jen Lancaster

I read her first book a few years ago, Bitter is the New Black, and have ordered her others from library. Hopefully they'll be here soon! I also really enjoy her blog, listed in my blog scroll at http://jennsylvania.com

And I'm guessing that about now is the time to explain the title to this blog post? Well in my little Sunday rant about thinking of things and hanging around I just can't stop thinking about moving to Columbia and how excited I am to start the next chapter in my life! I can't wait to have my own place again (while small it's all mine nonetheless) and to decorate with all of my favorite college stuff currently boxed up in my garage.

I can't wait to start my assistantship, to learn a new city and I'll admit I really can't wait to be back in the classroom finally learning about exactly what I've realized I want to do with my life. So my countdown has started, 38 days 'til I move to Cola! Also getting excited because Weds and Thurs of this week I'll be going up to Stevenson College (formerly Villa Julie) to help out some in the orientation office and am super excited to have my hands in some student affairs again finally!

The days pass slow but the weeks shall pass fast. Next week I'm off to Florida with the fam, NC for the 4th & some more prime beach time, then Minneapolis for Tri Sigma Convention. Then I've got a concert, bachelorette and a few other fun festivities to keep me entertained. My brother and sisters are on a mission trip in Arkansas with our church for the week so I get to play only child with mommy & daddy! Hope that everyone had a lovely weekend and Father's Day, God speed with whatever you have on your agenda for the next week!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Bon Appétit & Good Reads

Well I have realized this summer has been momentous for me to discover many new amazing books along with many new fabulous recipes. Some of those recipes coming from the books I've decided to indulge in. I finally finished The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks, and what a tear jerker! I was uncontrollably sobbing at the end although I absolutely loved it. Even more I loved it's setting in Wrightstville Beach and being able to accurately paint the scene of the story in my head after living there for four years during college. I definitely recommend it, a super easy read, and people please read the book before seeing the movie; this is my new golden rule.

The book that I thought wouldn't come to me until mid-July came into the library last week, Emily Giffin's latest The Heart of the Matter. I immediately put down my current read to dive in and couldn't put it down until I was finished. I think this book went a little deeper, maybe more like Love the One You're With, and a little less on the super girly side. At first you really have no clue where it's going, and although some things become predictable I wasn't quite sure how it would turn out, but I enjoyed the ending. It got me thinking a lot about forgiveness and some of the pent up feelings that I've kept this past year over some things. I'd have to put it up there as one of my favorites that Giffin has written. I hope it won't be too long until her next page-turner is out! I'm currently ecstatic to know they are making a movie out of Something Borrowed and that Kate Hudson will be playing one of the main characters.

After finishing Giffin I went back to my current read which is Naturally Thin by Bethenny Frankel who you may recognize as one of the (and in my opinion the most fabulous!) Real Housewives of New York. This is the only city of RH that I watched and I just absolutely love Frankel on the show, following her on Twitter, reading her blog and anything else of her's that I stumble upon.

To sum up my feelings about her, Frankel is a genius. Her book includes the ten steps to being "Naturally Thin," and it's all pure brilliance. I've borrowed it from the library but will most definitely be buying it soon along with her cookbook The SkinnyGirl Dish. After the last health & wellness (if you want to call it that) read that I dove into with hopes of new fitness secrets, Skinny Bitch, this has definitely been much more realistic. Where Skinny Bitch thinks it'd be best for everyone to be a vegan and eat only organic food, Frankel is much more practical. While after SB I did become a vegetarian for about two months and sob over some PETA videos I quickly snapped out of it after being served chicken salad by accident one day when asking for tuna. Ok so I was still eating seafood...it's really hard to go without meat!

Frankel doesn't tell you what you can and cannot eat. She doesn't tell you what exercises you need to do and when. She doesn't tell you to count your calories or meticulously measure out your food. She tells you to be real. To do the things that should come naturally to us. To not clean your plate if you really aren't hungry enough to eat it all, to balance grains & carbs with proteins & vegetables. She tells you to eat some ice cream or a brownie every once in a while. She makes you remember that food isn't bad, of course there are some foods that aren't the best for you but it's ok to have a few bites of it.

I must say it's been eye opening and with a plethora of recipes following each chapter of the ten rules I'm getting back into a cooking kick. I've made up my own recipes and dishes all the time and I've decide to start sharing my originals via blogging. I'm going to tag these with "Anna's Originals." I slightly feel like a copy cat of Julie & Julia however these will dishes I create along with maybe some favorites that I stumble upon. And speaking of Julia Child, her memoir My Life in France is next on my reading list, perfect!

I'll start with sharing my delicious dinner tonight. As my mom is buying the food & planning dinners I've decided to get creative on adding to what she's fixing to make what I really want to eat. I don't particularly care for plain pasta and marinara sauce...and yes I'm about 85% pure Italian. It's never quite appealed to me so I decided to put my own spin on it.

I cut up some tomatoes, baby bella mushrooms, yellow squash and spinach. Then sautéed them with some olive oil and lemon juice, using enough liquid at the end to also make a light sauce. Then poured over the whole wheat pasta (I recommend Barilla) and added some sliced Italian sausage and voila! One of the things that's hard for people to remember is that pasta really shouldn't be a main dish but a side. So make lots of veggies, meat or other proteins to go along with it so you end up using less pasta in the end.

I've realized how much I really love good healthy food, and just how much better I feel when eating it. I'm also lucky that my Aunt & Uncle (the one's with the vineyard) have a vegetable and fruit garden so we get lots of fresh produce during the summer. Got to pick blueberries this week and a get a bunch for a fresh fruit salad!

Well anyways, this post makes me feel like I'm 45 and not 22...I should be getting to bed as 8am (I know so rough right?) is going to come way to early before spinning!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend Festivities

This weekend was as busy as any of my other "getaways" however it was more of a "staycation" including many fun-filled activities for the past three days. I was absolutely drained, had a few too many Seagrams Arnold Palmers this afternoon and then after just three or four hours of sleep I'm awake again, hmph. I figured it was an appropriate time to catch up on blogging, as well as watch one of my favorite movies, Uptown Girls.

Two of my good friends live in Baltimore and go to UB law school, so that has become one of my new favorite places and a city in which I frequent on the weekends. We went up there on Friday
night for the Orioles vs. Redsox game...so many Boston fans it was out of control! We spent some time at Pickles which is a bar just outside of the stadium, and as the O's were down by a few runs from the start we decided to stay there for quite a few innings into the game. Of course I had plenty of koozies for all to share in my Mary Poppins bag. My friend Jay just can't resist my pink palmetto one as you can clearly see!

Although the O's lost 11-0 the game was enjoyable and luckily the Boston fans around us weren't as obnoxious as you might think. At the game we ran into our friend Lauren from high school who is my neighbor at home. I decided to fondly introduce her to everyone for the rest of the night as "my childhood friend and neighbor," which I seemed to get a kick out of. I'm glad we were reunited after many failed attempts the past few years so hopefully we'll hang out more while I'm home this summer! After the game we went out in Federal Hill and of course rounded out the night with the usual, large onion from Oriole pizza. It's never a real night out with my friends without it.

Made the trek back home for Saturday to attend a friends bridal shower as it continues to be wedding season. Two of our friends from high school, Brittany & Curtis are getting married in Las Vegas over Labor Day and the festivities are beginning here in MD! The shower was nice, and it was great to see all of the girls from home including Cindy (who's wedding I wrote about a few posts ago) who came in for the day from VA. There was lots of yummy food including a chocolate fountain, and lots of fun lingerie which turned the bride-to-be fun shades of pinks & reds as she opened!

It's still just so crazy that everyone is getting married but I think I'm at least getting used to it. It's the first bridal shower I've been able to attend after traveling all of last year so it was nice to be involved with some pre-wedding activities as well. As the wedding is in Vegas and then the bride & groom will be leaving to Hawaii for their honeymoon from there the cake had some cute Vegas & tropical decorations with "You've hit the jackpot Brittany," too cute! We have everything booked and set for Vegas in September and I'm sure that will be quite the experience for us all.

Saturday night was spent at baseball game #2 of the weekend, Nationals vs. Reds in D.C. My dad and my best friend Nina's dad always get a pack of season tickets and frequent Nat's Park in the summer, and somehow this was my first game of the seasons. Of course it also had to be like 100 degrees. We were sitting under an overhang and there was like zero air flow, I will not be showing you any pictures of that considered we were all a sweaty mess! Unfortunately the Nat's lost the game, but it was still a fun night and I hope to get back there a few more times this season. Towards the end Nina & I spotted four old ladies that will definitely be us and our other two friends when we're older. We could even see their personalities and how they matched us four. We creepily snuck a pick of them but it's pretty far away haha! I just hope I'm still out enjoying myself and socializing with the girls when I reach that stage in life!

As Saturday was my friend Caitiln's 23rd birthday (OMG we're turning 23 this year?!) we spent Sunday back in D.C. to celebrate. She goes to law school (I know I have so many ridiculously smart & ambitious friends!) at American and lives in the city, so we went to one of her friends apartment buildings with a nice pent house and rooftop pool. I love getting in elevators and
hitting the "PH," button! Unfortunately it was a little stormy so we were inside for a bit while it rained but luckily it did clear after a while and we enjoyed being outside and grilling for the afternoon.

Of course we were still able to get some prime rooftop pics while we were there. From the very top where the pool was you could see the Washington Monument and could overlook a good bit of D.C. which was nice! It was relaxing end to an eventful weekend and I was quite worn out by the time I got home tonight. I was in bed right away but of course we now know where that lead to. I'm currently reading The Last Song (I've vowed to never again see a movie before reading the book; My Sister's Keeper proved my theory that too many book to movie situations end badly) so I'm thinking of reading myself back to sleep. Luckily I'm a bum and have nothing to do tomorrow anyways. Well I hope you all had just as fabulous of a weekend and a good start to the week tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm a GLEEK!

Well friends, this past weekend was most exciting! I traveled to NYC with my mom, sister, and sorority sister, Brittany, to see Glee Live on tour at Radio City Music Hall. To say it was amazing would be an understatement. All of the actors and actresses from the show are so talented, such great entertainers, and really just have fun together and doing their job. They are so lucky to live the life they are living now!

We got up really early on Sunday and drove to the train station in NJ and then took the transit into the city. We walked around a bunch and had lunch at the Stardust Diner. This place is so fun, I went there back in January when the Tri Sigma chapter services team took a little day trip as well. All of the wait staff are aspiring singers/dancers/actors and they perform songs the whole time you're there. Unfortunately we got seated downstairs with who I presume to be the lesser talented staff but it was still fun. Had a delicious grilled chicken sandwich with salsa and guacamole...yum!!

After lunch we went around and walked some more, looked in shops and such. Went to H&M and I was really sad to not find anything that I was in love with and wanted to buy. While I was really sad I was also very proud of myself and glad that I didn't spend any money. I've decided to put together a list of some clothing items I need for beefing up my wardrobe and the only acceptable things I can buy for now on. These include: a navy cardigan, cowboy boots, a romper (for fun!), dress jeans, shorts, and anything that can be worn in a professional setting. I can stretch the latter pretty far :)

We stopped in Magnolia Bakery for some sweets and they had the cutest "Carrie" cupcake for SATC. It was a vanilla cupcake with pink frosting and a little candy daisy...how cute! I would have gotten one had I not been completely stuffed from lunch when we stopped by. My mom got some treats though and I had a bite of her macaroon, it was absolutely delicious.

In addition to this SATC sighting I also spotted a bus with an ad for the movie on the side of it. Of course I snapped a pic. But I also wanted a picture with it. Brittany and I ran up to it and posed just in time, literally the second after my mom snapped the pic the bus started rolling away. I guess with all of this confusion I forgot to look to the front and so am awkwardly posing?

Now of course...Glee!! We went to Radio City (so cool btw) just in time to order some "Glee Breezes," and find our seats before the show. The GB's were delish and were a mix of vodka, Malibu, cranberry & pineapple juices. They also came in some cute little plastic Radio City cups that we kept as souvenir. Like any other show there was an opening act. It was LXD which is the League of Extraordinary Dancers...they were so good!! It was really neat and they did some cool stuff. One of the kids from Glee is actually in it. 

Glee itself was actually amazing...but of course! They did so many numbers and it was fabulous. They even had performances by Vocal Adrenaline (for those of you non-Gleeks, that's the main group that the Glee kids or "New Directions" competes against) and Lea Michele brought Jonathan Groff on stage for a performance. All around amazing show. All of them are so talented and it was probably the best concert I've ever been to. They know how to entertain and it was great. I was going to put up some more pics that I took during the show, but feel free to check out the ones I've posted on Facebook.

That's enough detail for now. I actually started this post a few days ago, but the internet at my house is so screwed up I haven't been able to finish it and get it up. I did however just return from the Verizon store with a new Blackberry so time to go play around and get all my settings back to normal! Let me know if you need my new pin for bbm!