Monday, September 13, 2010

Procrastination Station

I hate when I set expectations I don't live up to, even if it's something like writing a post on Las Vegas by yesterday. Whoops. Fact of the matter is since I was bitter about not being able to see the Gamecocks kill UGA in person I decided to do absolutely nothing productive on Saturday. I also decided to keep up with this until halfway through yesterday until I got my act together. Unfortunately working on a presentation had to take precedent over documenting my adventures in Sin City.

However, I have been able to shake my pessimist bug that I somehow caught last week which is good. I think I just need some sleep and chill time to get back to normal and I used this weekend to do just that. Also, this weekend fired my new passion for watching sports. I've always seen sports as more of a social thing (probably since I'm still trying to understand football), but now actually having a college team it's a lot more fun, and serious. Getting to watch the Gamecocks, and the Redskins win was great. Probably more so with the Skins as they defeated Dallas in their first game of the season. Big night for Skins fans!

This week has already started out much better. Woke up and even exercised this morning, then was able to watch an hour of Saved by the Bell while getting ready. It was too funny that in one episode they all joined a Glee club. Unfortunately Cory Monteith and Lea Michele were not members of the Bayside High club so it wasn't as exciting. I put on a crisp patriotic red, white & blue outfit today and things have started out well.

I hope that everyone else has had an enjoyable Monday so far and that your week has started off well. If for some reason it hasn't then take a few minutes to do something for yourself today. Have a treat, call a good friend for some laughs or take a break to watch a TV show that you enjoy. There's nothing a little self-lovin' can't straighten out. Also, I was sent this picture below from a co-worker this morning and thought I'd share for everyone to enjoy. God speed, do big things this week!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Case of the Tuesdays

Well as Monday was a holiday, today was my Monday. I'm a huge fan of the movie Office Space, and if you've seen it you know all about having a "case of the Mondays." I'm sure you can figure what I'm talking about even if you haven't seen the movie, but the knowledge of the great film makes it even better. Especially when I imagine getting to smash up a printer and fax machine like in the end of the movie.

I do owe you an amazing post on Las Vegas which I promise I'll have by Sunday night. After the trip I am just so mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted and it really took a toll on me today. I didn't sleep well last night and had to get up early, and I woke up to be sick to my stomach. I was practically unprepared for every meeting I had today.

It was just a day where every time I turned around something else was not going as planned. I didn't really finish the reading I needed for class, I didn't get a ticket to the USC vs. UGA game, I almost had my license locked in the Res Life office in Bates House for the night.

For those of you that know me (which I'm hoping is everyone who's reading this, yikes?), you probably know that I typically never really get upset or have bad days. It really takes a lot to get me irritated or worked up, although when it does happen I'm still smiling through my irritation.

Today was a build up day and I was so tired that every time I got annoyed I practically went hysterical. Oh wait, I did sob when I found out I didn't get a football ticket. Ok I didn't sob, but there were tears. Yes I shed tears over college sports. I have been looking forward to going to football games for a team of school that I actually attended for the past five years of my life and I'm missing the first two and probably getting screwed over in the ticket lottery.

I realize that now I'm just rambling and complaining about my day when in all reality the point of this post is the little things that kept me from crumbling today. I got to go to dinner with a friend and just vent about everything driving me nuts. The delicious chicken sandwich didn't hurt either. At the end of today I had some hours for ACE coaching, and got to meet with one of the sweetest students who was required to be there, but still looking for help. Bless his heart he just wanted help with fitting in some gym time with his schedule. Between that and then hearing some good news and being sought out for advice from some Sigma's I worked with last year, the day was worth it again.

I've realized for me a day is not complete unless I have laughed, learned and served. It's also not complete unless I've had coffee, but that's for a different post. At the end of everyday I realize it ultimately was a good day and today was just another lesson that the day wasn't complete until I had helped someone.

All in all, it was a complete day and now I'm going to go to bed and wake with a fresh start for tomorrow, so it can be both complete and amazing!