Sunday, January 30, 2011

1,000 Faces

Sunday mornings are pure bliss. I actually sleep in (well, until about 9:30am) and will typically lay in bed for up to an hour reading, watching TV, or just gathering my thoughts for the week while soaking in the feeling of staying in bed and doing the most glorious thing...nothing.

After this I'll get myself together and get out the door. I head to the same Starbucks, where I typically order the same drink (a grande soy, sugar-free, vanilla latte of course), sit at the same table and setup my work station. Before I actually get to doing any work I peruse my favorite news (and gossip) sites, and then open up iTunes.

Until this year I never took advantage of the free singles that the iTunes store has posted every week. As I've been beginning to discover some awesome artists and fabulous new songs, I've added this to my ritual. Additionally I grab the fun little card at the Starbucks counter for another free musical snack. 

One of this week's singles is from Randy Montana who I think might be coming up in country music's new big stars. His father was also in country music and wrote songs for Sara Evans, Jo Dee Messina and even Garth Brooks. He just finished up touring with Sugarland and Little Big Town. His newest single "1,000 Faces" is available for downloading on iTunes this week, and I'd encourage you to check him out and see what you think. I can be a little obsessive with new music and have been listening to it on repeat since downloading. I may go back and get his whole album.

Hope you enjoy this musical treat and beautiful Sunday--temps are supposed to hit 71* here in Columbia, SC and I couldn't be more thrilled to be wearing short sleeves and sandals on one of the last days of January!

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