Monday, January 17, 2011

Reasons to Smile

This post is dedicated to (and made possible by) one of my best girlfriends, MBW. 

Back on an early August day in 2005, MBW came over to my house on the eve of my big move to UNC Wilmington to start college. She brought with her my senior yearbook which she had finally signed, and another gift for me to take down to college. It was a tissue box with a label reading "Reasons to Smile."

She had taken out all of the tissues in this box, and (very carefully) wrote on each one with a marker. Each tissue had some sort of inside joke, memory together, or something else uplifting and inspirational. While they didn't pull out of the box with the functionality of a regular box of tissues, I was able to pull out the stack and read through them.

This was one of the most wonderful and thoughtful gifts I have ever received in my life. Not only was it such a touching and heart warming idea, but if you knew my friend you'd know MBW doesn't have too many arts & crafts kind of skills. But she's in law school right now, so she's got bigger things going for her!

As I was getting ready this morning I was looking at all of the things on the bookshelf in my room, and when my eyes hit this special box I stopped for a few minutes to read through each sentiment. While some are silly high school inside jokes long forgotten, each one made me smile even more and reminded me that I have some absolutely amazing people in my life.

MBW & I in Las Vegas, Sept. 2010

Do you make sure to let those important people in your life realize their many blessings? What are your reasons to smile?

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