Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Top 5...Things I'm Looking Forward To

In an effort to keep my blog up to date I've picked a simple task for Tuesdays, top fives! I love a top five list, especially because I am extremely indecisive and can never pick a favorite anything.

This week's Top 5 Tuesday is the Top 5 things I'm looking forward to this Spring. With the first few weeks of class and work already wearing me out, I have to keep reminding myself of many of the wonderful things I have to look forward to. So with no further adieu, here we go...

1. Knowing where I'll be and what I'll be doing this summer

I'm currently in the process of interviewing for internships which has been chaotic to say the least. Luckily I'm having the chance to interview with some really great institutions and programs, but having so many interviews in such a short amount of time is starting to get to me. If I get an offer through the first round then I should hopefully know something by February 10th. My only hints so far of where I could be is that every school is west of the Mississippi river! Keep your fingers crossed!

2. Carolina Cup
Carolina Cup is a fabulous event that I enjoyed in college. It's a wonderful chance to wear my Lilly Pulitzer dresses, my big derby hat (that comes out once a year), spend the day with friends and mimosas, and soak in the view of many guys in pastels and bow ties. There's also some horse races to be watched. I was sad to look at pictures and hear stories of my friends who went last Spring while I was still working and in Illinois at the time. Now I'm even closer to the races being in Columbia this year, maybe I'll even paint another cooler?

3. My sister's decision on where to go to college
My little sister, also AMT (yes, she stole my initials), is a senior in high school and currently in the college search. She's applied to and been accepted to several places and now is in the stage to start making some decisions. Unlike myself she obtained some fabulous math & science genes (although I'm not sure from which of my parents) and will go on to do something cool like engineering or math. But it's cool because I'm the one that can write and is crafty & creative. She'll be coming down in two weeks to tour USC and I'm itching to find out where she'll end up being!

4. Sky Diving

Yes, you read that right. Sometime this Spring I will be going sky diving just up the road here in SC! Last semester there was a great deal on Groupon (which is awesome and please check it out if you haven't yet heard of this wonderful service) and one of my grad school friends and I purchased a voucher to use sometime before June. Now that we have our schedules for the semester we're going to sit down and pick a date and I couldn't be more excited!

5. Spending Tri Sigma Founder's Day at my chapter
BLP & me at our founder's day lunch 2008 at Bridgetender in Wrightsville Beach, NC

I.Can't.Wait. First of all I barely ever seem to make it back to Wilmington, and until this Spring I'll have missed every alumnae event that's happened since I graduated in May 2009. I've had the date on my calendar since I saw it in a newsletter last Fall and have the day blocked off from anything in my schedule. Tri Sigma's founder's day is on April 20th and my chapter, Epsilon Phi, will be celebrating it the weekend before. I'm looking forward to getting to meet new women in the chapter, catch up with good friends that will be there, hear about the wonderful things the chapter is doing, and of course celebrate 113 years of friendship, character & conduct!

What are you looking forward to this Spring? Make a list of things you can't wait for, decorate the days with fun pens in your planner, and when these weeks are long (and freezing) think ahead to all of the amazing things  that are yet to come!

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asj said...

ahh! all of those are so exciting, can't wait to hear where you end up for your internship and about where your sister goes to college! AND YES, A SC football game in in my near future and I can't WAIT! :)