Wednesday, March 23, 2011

30 Days of Pictures: Day One...Arg!

So at the beginning of the year I saw a lot of people on Facebook starting this "30 Day Challenge" of photos. I never really looked into what exactly they were doing, but as I saw more and more pictures come across my newsfeed with great captions that were sharing cool facts about my friends. I always find things like this to be interesting--yes I was unfortunately one of those people that liked all of those little quizzes on Facebook that people would tag you in. I like things that make me think and reflect on what's important in my life.

I feel like this photo challenge will also help me to take a few minutes out of everyday for myself. It will get me blogging more. It will make me bring up old memories. It will give me a sense of routine...for at least a month. With having such a crazy and hectic schedule lately I want to use this to stay a little balanced.  Don't worry I'll still make sure to give some posts on all of the fun things I'll be doing over the next month, and yes I still owe you my NOLA Mardi Gras experience!

So here it goes...

Day One: A picture of yourself with 12 facts.

(I think this picture is hilarious, it's from Spring Break senior year of college in Key West--I was channeling my inner pirate)

1. Thank you's from students mean more than any tangible gift or payment every could
2. I once served ice cream to Dakota Fanning
3. My favorite band of all time is Coldplay
4. I like to watch Family Guy to de-stress
5. I only started making my bed every morning this school year
6. I'm talented at recognizing license plates from far away (too bad that's not useful)
7. I'm proud to be a Tri Sigma and being a member has changed my life for the better
8. I once was in five states and four time zones in one day
9. I am extremely efficient at airport security
10. If you don't use your blinker, I honk at you
11. I don't know what I want to be when I grow up
12. My happy place is a sunny day, windows down, music blaring

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asj said...

love this!

trust me, the thank you cards from students will always make you happy - I have like three shoeboxes full of them that I will never get rid of! and I always keep a handful in my desk bc they're the perfect thing to read when you're having a shitty "why do I do this" day!