Monday, April 11, 2011

30 Days of Pictures: Day Six, Laughter

Day six - A picture that makes you laugh

Ok, so I know I've really been bad with this photo thing. But last week I literally barely had time to sleep. I realized most days that I forgot to eat something until late in the afternoon. We'll just say that I still have yet to learn not to procrastinate...

Anyways a picture that makes me laugh! While this picture isn't super silly, or candid of a great single moment I always get a great smile when I see it. This is a picture of me and the girls I worked with when I traveled for Tri Sigma last year (aka the Wolfpack). We went down to Greenville, NC for a week of our training where we stayed at our Gamma Beta's chapter house at East Carolina University. This was taken when we were out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant one night, we just had the most fun together during training always being silly and goofy, and that is a night that always makes me think back and laugh!

If any Wolfpack ladies are reading...Adriannnnnnn!

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