Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How Sweet It Is

I must say that I really appreciate the lengths that people are willing to go to show how much they care. I almost must say that knowing the effort put into a surprise is sometimes better than just the surprise itself. After the long and stressful schedule I had last week, Mr. Charming decided he would do something super sweet and give me a surprise when I got down to see him on Friday.

One thing that we like to do together is get cupcakes. We both have a sweet tooth and like to go to Cupcake in Columbia, and now also Neapolitan in Augusta, to enjoy yummy treats together. Knowing how much I adore cupcakes, this was the sweetest idea.

However, I must say I had a few giggles after I saw my initial surprise, and got to hear the background story on all of the work that went into these sweet treats. A few things that Mr. Charming learned about baking:

1. You cannot buy "cupcake" mix, boxes of regular cake mix is what you should look for in the grocery store. But luckily nice old ladies that see you distraught in the baking aisle will assist you.

2. Don't fill up the cupcake papers in the baking tin all the way to the top. They will overflow and become big giant monster cupcakes.

3. You must wait for cupcakes to cool before icing them, do not frost as soon as they come out of the oven.

However, after trial and error Mr. Charming was able to get four decent cupcakes. After adding mountains of icing (cream cheese & oreo--yum!) and some sprinkles, the end result was definitely worth a day of baking casualties. 

After enjoying this surprise together we had a great action packed weekend. We headed to Atlanta for the Braves vs. Phillies game which was a blast despite the Braves getting destroyed, yikes. On Sunday we went to the last round of the Master's which was super exciting. I was sad you can't take pictures inside the course, it was absolutely pristine, and we saw Tiger! 

All in all it was a sweet weekend with a sweet boy. I'm thinking we'll have to do some trade off's, I'll teach him how to operate the kitchen and he can explain economics and politics to me. Fair enough!

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