Friday, April 22, 2011

Peace. Love. Earth.

Happy Earth Day! There are many reasons to celebrate this occasion, and being the liberal Earth lover that I am...I'm going to spread the good word. After taking AP Environmental Science my senior year of high school and learning extensively about the Earth, how horribly we treat it, and all about global warming (which is happening, don't try and deny it), my eyes were opened to becoming more environmentally conscious. Then my mother also got a little crazy with recycling literally every thing possible in my house...sometimes it can be a bit much, but I know it's all for good reasons.

While I know I could do a much better job I really try to always recycle, take reusable bags to the grocery store, turn off the lights and walk when possible. 

So here are some little ways that you can get a little greener, and some of my favorites!

First, I love my reusable Starbucks mug, it's blue & zebra print (couldn't find a picture) and if you take a reusable mug to Starbucks today they'll give you coffee FOR FREE!! 

Since I'm also a huge water drinker, I can't forget to mention my Tervis Tumbler that I use everyday. I also have one with a flamingo and a smaller one with a tropical fish. Couldn't live without em. Grab one of these and stop using plastic bottles!

Using reusable bags is even more fun when they're stylish! Lilly Pulitzer makes them, Vera Bradley makes them, you can buy them at almost any grocery store. I quite a few that are super cute, I always get compliments on them. A great idea is giving gifts inside of a reusable bag--because then you're also not using a gift bag that might get thrown away. I've got this cute little bag, thanks to my Mom...

I also include this tagline in the bottom of my emails, although I'm guilty of printing quite a few lately.

P Go Green! Print this email only when necessary.

What do you do to be green? Or what do you hope to start doing? We've got one Earth, and I'd like it to still be beautiful for when I one day (very long from now) have children and grandchildren so they can enjoy it too!

ps. I'm going sky diving tomorrow, so if I suddenly stop posting...

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