Tuesday, May 31, 2011

30 Days of Pictures: Day Nine, PIC's

Day nine - A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most

MHF & me at Theta Alpha's (High Point U.) first bid day

Presenting the newly installed Theta Alpha chapter with their charter

You get a freebie--two pictures for this one, because it was just too hard to pick! I may have only known this person for just about two years. Our friennaversary will be July 5th, is that creepy? Oh well, I could care less. Miss MHF is a little stick of dynamite, don't be fooled by her height, and do not ever call her Snookie. Though as much as she hates, I understand the resemblance. 

Maybe she hasn't gotten me through the most in my entire life, but I'm beginning to think I've been through the most in the past two years. Graduating from college, having my first real heart break, traveling, being completely out of my comfort zone, going to grad school and many things in between, my strength (and patience) has been tested. 

Through late nights at the Mabel Lee Walton House trying to figure out what were supposed to be doing as consultants, or finishing up projects and assignments. Being together in Happy Valley for two weeks and surviving Penn State's nine day Panhellenic recruitment process (and a fat bitch sandwich) and then recruiting, colonizing and installing a new chapter. From our lows of staying in grungy hotels, not having a car (or almost worse-driving a Kia Rio), and eating day old soggy nachos in the dark--there's nothing the two of us can't conquer together.

We're great partners in crime, and an awesome work duo. She picks up where I leave off, and vice versa. Though we don't talk every day anymore, we still catch up and always vent. I know I can pour out every little thing that's driving me insane, and MHF will always have some thoughtful insight. 

So here's to you MHF, one person I couldn't imagine life without. I can't wait to see you in November for Chicago Round #2: Wedding Edition!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Someone Buy Me a Plane Ticket to Bali

After seeing Eat Pray Love when it was out in theaters last fall, I've had it on my reading list. I actually tried to read the book last summer, but my mother had let someone borrow her copy, and there was a wait list at the local library for it after they announced that it would be coming to theaters. I then bought the book in December and it's sat on my shelf (along with many others) until now when I've decided to plow through as many books as possible during my summer break from school.

While many EPL book fans didn't enjoy the movie, saying that it took so much away from the book, I must disagree. Respectfully though, as I did not read the book first. However, after the moving I was craving more and now am even putting Elizabeth Gilbert's other books on my list.

Of course there was much more detail in the book--but why wouldn't there be? We always know the book is better than the movie. I found myself getting completely lost in this book and definitely feeling a longing for travel again. Thankfully I began reading it as I was traveling out to Texas and have had a new area to explore. Funny enough I felt like I was Liz Gilbert, as the first four meals I ate in Ft. Worth were all Italian. I indulged in baked ziti, pizzas, ravioli and even amazing gelato. I also have somehow not eaten any Tex-Mex since I've been here yet--I know.

While it became a little bit of a hard read during Gilbert's travels in India, I still enjoyed every bit. I actually really did enjoy India. As someone else who maybe sometimes has questioned religion and has not exactly found something concrete to believe in and hold on to, I appreciated her journey and unconventional methods of spirituality.

I felt like Gilbert became a friend, and even began to get teary at the very last paragraph of the book. I look forward to reading Committed and finding out what happened to Gilbert and Felipe after they left Bali and let their romance blossom. Now, onto the next book!

More Than a Year of Incessant Ramblings

Has it really been over a year?
How could you celebrate a birthday with anything other than a cupcake?

As I went to write my latest post, I was looking through Blogger and much to my surprise I've hit 100 posts! A little over a year ago, I wrote my first Semi-Charmed post on Thursday May 6, 2010. I had been home just days after my year of traveling for Tri Sigma. I was still in a somewhat comatose state, staring at my computer for hours each day watching LOST, and trying to debrief from the high levels of energy I put out during that year. 

It was my mother's birthday. I didn't know it, but it was exactly a year from when HESA 2011, an amazing group of people I was fortunate to know this year, would graduate from USC. I'm not exactly sure what else I did that day, but I must say I am so glad that I decided to continue blogging after it was time to close up my travel blog. 

I can't begin to think about all of the adventures and all of the changes I've been through since that first post. It was just the beginning of summer. My last summer of freedom, which I spent unemployed and at home. As much as I complained about being "bored" I couldn't have been more lucky to spend a lazy summer around my family and my best friends back in Maryland. 

Shout out to my followers and frequent readers. While sometimes I feel like I use my blog for the incessant ramblings I don't want to bestow on other people, I hope you enjoyed something from these 100 posts, and I hope you stick around for the next 100 and more!

So here's to the 100 posts that chronicled my past year. My year of change, growth, knowledge, love, and most of all--growing up when I thought I was already an adult

Friday, May 27, 2011

Livin' the [Residence] Life

While I knew what I'd be doing at TCU from my position posting and interviews, I was still excited to get here and really see how I would be spending my summer. I've been curious as to how things would go as I've never been involved with housing & residence life besides living on campus for three years during undergrad.

Well I surely am getting my taste of HRL assuming the responsibilities as the main hall director for summer school. All of the SS students are placed in the same on campus residence which for us is the Tom Brown/Pete Wright (mouthful, isn't it?) community. It consists of several buildings of four person apartments. For anyone familiar with UNCW it's comparable to Seahawk Village, but a little smaller, and minus its personal pool and clubhouse. Luckily there's a great one at the campus rec!

The "commons" building of TBPW where my office is located

I'm supervising a staff of six summer Resident Assistants, some who have been RA's before and some have not. They seem to be a fun crew already, and hopefully they'll still like me after I sent them approximately 23984573 emails the day after I met them. In addition I'm also working part time in Fraternity/Sorority Life with some projects in FSL housing.

Week one has been full of coordination and lots of communication getting prepared for Maymester students to check out this Saturday and then June session students to move in on Sunday. While it's been hectic and busy, I'm really enjoying it all. I've always been curious about life in HRL, and as TCU's Director of Athletic Compliances wrote to me in an email I'm sure receiving "Baptism by fire."

But what better way to be thrown into the mix and jump right in? That's how I find I learn best. What I need to do is stop worrying that I don't have the experience, or that I sometimes may feel like I don't know what I'm doing. I wouldn't have been hired and given the power to supervise students and run a residential area if my judgement and knowledge hadn't been trusted.

Time to jump into the ocean that is res life and have some fun! Who knows, maybe I'll even like it so much I'll pursue it while job searching next Spring?!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

30 Days of Pictures: Day Eight, In My Dreams

Wow--in the horrible time period that was Blogger being down for several days I thought this got deleted. And I was extremely irritated.

1. Because I had actually put effort into blogging that day
2. Because I really just love Ashton Kutcher

Just found it as a draft in my posts...lucky day. So double whammy today--enjoy!

Day eight - A picture of your future spouse

I've had a celebrity crush on Ashton Kutcher since the seventh grade when I was obsessed with Dude Where's My Car (yes, you read that right) and watched it approximately ten times in a day. Something about his goofiness is super attractive. Too bad Demi has already taken him off the market. But I bet he wouldn't bake me cupcakes like Mr. Charming would anyways!

Greetings from the Lone Star State

I am finally settled in, and connected to the internet after many battles. But I'm here...in Fort Worth at TCU and starting an amazing summer! I can't believe that tomorrow will already mark a full week here, time has already flown. Last Thursday & Friday I made the trek from Augusta, GA to get here and it was quite the journey. As state previously, I love traveling, and I really love traveling by myself, so I of course made fun of it all. 

I went through a few different states and since I hadn't seen much of them I decided to give myself tours of some hot spots. I stopped in Tuscaloosa, AL for lunch at Mugshots Grill & Bar, which I suggest if you're ever there--killer sandwiches. It's also located on Greensboro Ave. which is a downtown area with other restaurants and shops. I gave myself a driving tour of the University of Alabama-which was absolutely gorgeous! I went by the stadium, fraternity houses and everything else I could find without getting too lost. 

I stayed the night in MS where I took myself to dinner and a movie and explored the exciting town of Meridian went back to the hotel to start finally reading my first book for the summer. I finally got to see Something Borrowed and encourage everyone else to do the same. While of course the book was better (because it always is), I think that the movie did a good job of not changing too many things. If you haven't immersed yourself in Emily Giffin's novels then I suggest you go read SOBO and its twin book, Something Blue which is the same story told from Darcy's point of view. Really, you should just read all of Giffin's books, they're fantastic. 

This update really should have come earlier. And now there are too many things I need to say. Luckily I will have plenty of down time this weekend to write about what I'm actually doing here at TCU and beginning my list of things to-do in the area!

ps. I've got my address here--let me know if you need it to send any love notes or goodies (wink wink, nudge nudge)

Maxi Dresses and Poptarts

These are two items which I rarely entertain, but in the midst of moving I find myself with both this morning. Having packed up pretty much all of my typical work clothes for the summer I have just a few things left in the closet. So this morning I decided on a pink maxi with a cardigan and jewelry. It's fun to feel like I'm going out on a summer night while heading into work.

What doesn't feel so fun is the packet of strawberry Poptarts I just put into my body. I can't remember the last time I ate those, but getting to the slim pickings of my small food stash I grabbed one from the box I have for Mr. Charming this morning. That will sure help my body be ready for the beach this weekend.

Anyways, the real reason for this post is a thank you. I'm sending much gratitude to none other than my amazing mother, PMT!

Mom along with my cousins Caroline & Lizzie

My grandfather (Poppi) was in the air force when my mom was growing up so she moved around a lot, from CT to NY, MD, HI, back to MD. With all of that moving and packing she sure learned some great skills! My mother is probably the most efficient packer in the entire world. Being only 10 when we moved as a family I don't recall much, but through my many moves over the past six years she's been there to show me the way and her skills have rubbed off on me. 

Give her (or me now!) a huge pile of junk and she can neatly puzzle piece into a box. Have a ton of boxes and furniture that needs to fit into a trunk, van, truck? With some maneuvering she'll get everything in when an average person might end up taking two trips. I'm not quite sure how it's done but I'm glad I learned how to do it. 

Moving to college, out of the residence hall, back for sophomore year into an apartment, out of that apartment to an off campus place for a month, back to campus in the Sigma suite, out of the suite into my first big girl apartment, then completely out of Wilmington, and into an apartment for a month in Raleigh and finally back home, I sure learned the ways of efficient packing. If that wasn't enough I was then forced to live out of a suitcase for a year. After paying a pretty penny for being 20 lbs. over weight on my first chapter visit I got it down.

My "stuff" that accumulated from Aug. '06 to May '09 when I finally left Wilmington...plus my little car full of stuff!

Then it was time to pack up again and move down to USC, and now the first apartment I lived in all by myself is almost all the way packed up. With the help from Mr. Charming and his gas guzzling huge Nissan Titan, we were able to take a load that I thought would need both of our cars last night. I started to build his moving skills, showing him how to puzzle piece fit furniture, boxes and odds and ends in together. And so the learning continues.

I may still hate to pack and move, but at least I can do it right!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Story of My Life

someecards knows me better than myself. I don't think I could go through life without the Google Chrome extension that constantly updates me on new cards that are posted. Clearly, I have a really glamorous life. Maybe if I actually wasn't at work I'd get more work done then?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The world could be a better place...

If I was allowed to sleep until 8am every morning

If I could always spend the first few hours of the morning at Starbucks enjoying a latte and catching up on personal things

If I didn't have to go into work until noon

If it was always sunny and at least 70* outside and I still lived at the beach

And if I owned these shoes

What would make your world a better place?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Boutique à la Anna

Yes, I took five years of French and realize that doesn't particularly make sense. But I think it sounds fun!

Well the real deal with this post is that I just started packing, only like an hour ago. And I've already realized that  geez do I have a lot of stuff I know I haven't worn once since I've lived here for almost a year. I think that means it's time for some things to go. I own shoes that don't fit, clothes that I don't even like, but I'm such a pack rat.

If only I had a closet like this!

Unfortunately I credit some of this to being in a sorority and a social world in college where you never knew what themed event or party would come up. If I gave away the crazy bright orange shoes you know there'd be a party the next week where I could dress up as a rubber ducky and wear them as feet!

So that's that. I can't take it all with me, and I've got to somehow fit everything in storage this summer. So I'm opening up my closet (yikes!) and my home to all of the awesome ladies that I know in Columbia who would like to come and look. I have a variety of sizes in shirts, skirts, dresses, pants from M-XL and 8-12. I have shoes from 8-9.

It's all going down next Tuesday May 10 at 7pm until whenever we're worn out of looking at/trying on clothes. Pshhh, like that ever happens! Anyone that wants to also bring clothes can feel free too, just make sure that they are clean. If you're interested in joining leave me a comment, or shoot me a message through Facebook/email.

Now it's back to cleaning to see how just much stuff I can bear to part with...

Top Five Tuesday: Beats on Repeat

I'm finished with all of my school stuff and I even didn't come out of this crazy semester too bad. Unfortunately I still did get one B, but I think that's just my thing. There will always be that one damn B. However, it hasn't been added onto my grades yet so it's really fun to stare at the 4.0 cumulative I currently have. First time I've ever seen that in my life. Grad school is doing wonders for my self-esteem.

I haven't done a top five Tuesday in a while, but with school finished, and now wrapping up at work I need music more than ever to get me through the next two weeks. To get me through days in the office, driving to see Mr. Charming, packing up my life to move out of my apartment. Luckily there is some great music out right now. They may not all be brand new but here's what I can't get out of my head...

1. Zac Brown Band "As She's Walking Away"
I'm so excited that ZBB finally has some great new tunes out there, they absolutely scream summer and I can't wait to get a slew of their new stuff on my iPod to have in Texas!

2. Thomson Square "Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not"
Could this song be any sweeter? Can't get enough of it! I'm thinking this group is going to get bigger in country music and I'm loving all of the new groups with male & female artists.

3. Matt Nathanson "Faster"
This song is just too catchy, gets in your head and never will leave. I definitely got all girly with it and made it Mr. Charming's ringtone...

4. The Script "For the First Time"
Not going along with my country theme, but their voices entrance me and I can't stop getting lost in this song. Need to check out their new CD still, has anyone listened to it yet?

5. Brad Paisley & Alabama "Old Alabama"
This song is everything you ever need wrapped up in one little package. It embodies every great part of Brad Paisley's talents and makes you yearn for summer. It has an older twist to it, and you can't help but sing to all of the lyrics. I think this is going to be one of the ultimate beach songs for this summer!

What are you favorite songs these days? Have a few tunes you can't get out of your head?