Thursday, May 26, 2011

30 Days of Pictures: Day Eight, In My Dreams

Wow--in the horrible time period that was Blogger being down for several days I thought this got deleted. And I was extremely irritated.

1. Because I had actually put effort into blogging that day
2. Because I really just love Ashton Kutcher

Just found it as a draft in my posts...lucky day. So double whammy today--enjoy!

Day eight - A picture of your future spouse

I've had a celebrity crush on Ashton Kutcher since the seventh grade when I was obsessed with Dude Where's My Car (yes, you read that right) and watched it approximately ten times in a day. Something about his goofiness is super attractive. Too bad Demi has already taken him off the market. But I bet he wouldn't bake me cupcakes like Mr. Charming would anyways!

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