Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Boutique à la Anna

Yes, I took five years of French and realize that doesn't particularly make sense. But I think it sounds fun!

Well the real deal with this post is that I just started packing, only like an hour ago. And I've already realized that  geez do I have a lot of stuff I know I haven't worn once since I've lived here for almost a year. I think that means it's time for some things to go. I own shoes that don't fit, clothes that I don't even like, but I'm such a pack rat.

If only I had a closet like this!

Unfortunately I credit some of this to being in a sorority and a social world in college where you never knew what themed event or party would come up. If I gave away the crazy bright orange shoes you know there'd be a party the next week where I could dress up as a rubber ducky and wear them as feet!

So that's that. I can't take it all with me, and I've got to somehow fit everything in storage this summer. So I'm opening up my closet (yikes!) and my home to all of the awesome ladies that I know in Columbia who would like to come and look. I have a variety of sizes in shirts, skirts, dresses, pants from M-XL and 8-12. I have shoes from 8-9.

It's all going down next Tuesday May 10 at 7pm until whenever we're worn out of looking at/trying on clothes. Pshhh, like that ever happens! Anyone that wants to also bring clothes can feel free too, just make sure that they are clean. If you're interested in joining leave me a comment, or shoot me a message through Facebook/email.

Now it's back to cleaning to see how just much stuff I can bear to part with...