Thursday, May 26, 2011

Greetings from the Lone Star State

I am finally settled in, and connected to the internet after many battles. But I'm Fort Worth at TCU and starting an amazing summer! I can't believe that tomorrow will already mark a full week here, time has already flown. Last Thursday & Friday I made the trek from Augusta, GA to get here and it was quite the journey. As state previously, I love traveling, and I really love traveling by myself, so I of course made fun of it all. 

I went through a few different states and since I hadn't seen much of them I decided to give myself tours of some hot spots. I stopped in Tuscaloosa, AL for lunch at Mugshots Grill & Bar, which I suggest if you're ever there--killer sandwiches. It's also located on Greensboro Ave. which is a downtown area with other restaurants and shops. I gave myself a driving tour of the University of Alabama-which was absolutely gorgeous! I went by the stadium, fraternity houses and everything else I could find without getting too lost. 

I stayed the night in MS where I took myself to dinner and a movie and explored the exciting town of Meridian went back to the hotel to start finally reading my first book for the summer. I finally got to see Something Borrowed and encourage everyone else to do the same. While of course the book was better (because it always is), I think that the movie did a good job of not changing too many things. If you haven't immersed yourself in Emily Giffin's novels then I suggest you go read SOBO and its twin book, Something Blue which is the same story told from Darcy's point of view. Really, you should just read all of Giffin's books, they're fantastic. 

This update really should have come earlier. And now there are too many things I need to say. Luckily I will have plenty of down time this weekend to write about what I'm actually doing here at TCU and beginning my list of things to-do in the area!

ps. I've got my address here--let me know if you need it to send any love notes or goodies (wink wink, nudge nudge)

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