Friday, May 27, 2011

Livin' the [Residence] Life

While I knew what I'd be doing at TCU from my position posting and interviews, I was still excited to get here and really see how I would be spending my summer. I've been curious as to how things would go as I've never been involved with housing & residence life besides living on campus for three years during undergrad.

Well I surely am getting my taste of HRL assuming the responsibilities as the main hall director for summer school. All of the SS students are placed in the same on campus residence which for us is the Tom Brown/Pete Wright (mouthful, isn't it?) community. It consists of several buildings of four person apartments. For anyone familiar with UNCW it's comparable to Seahawk Village, but a little smaller, and minus its personal pool and clubhouse. Luckily there's a great one at the campus rec!

The "commons" building of TBPW where my office is located

I'm supervising a staff of six summer Resident Assistants, some who have been RA's before and some have not. They seem to be a fun crew already, and hopefully they'll still like me after I sent them approximately 23984573 emails the day after I met them. In addition I'm also working part time in Fraternity/Sorority Life with some projects in FSL housing.

Week one has been full of coordination and lots of communication getting prepared for Maymester students to check out this Saturday and then June session students to move in on Sunday. While it's been hectic and busy, I'm really enjoying it all. I've always been curious about life in HRL, and as TCU's Director of Athletic Compliances wrote to me in an email I'm sure receiving "Baptism by fire."

But what better way to be thrown into the mix and jump right in? That's how I find I learn best. What I need to do is stop worrying that I don't have the experience, or that I sometimes may feel like I don't know what I'm doing. I wouldn't have been hired and given the power to supervise students and run a residential area if my judgement and knowledge hadn't been trusted.

Time to jump into the ocean that is res life and have some fun! Who knows, maybe I'll even like it so much I'll pursue it while job searching next Spring?!


asj said...

so fun! great to get a taste of it now and understand the pros/cons before job-searching! let me know if you need anything! :)

Grace said...

you will be great! no worries and look forward to hearing what projects you work on in their greek life office!