Monday, May 30, 2011

Someone Buy Me a Plane Ticket to Bali

After seeing Eat Pray Love when it was out in theaters last fall, I've had it on my reading list. I actually tried to read the book last summer, but my mother had let someone borrow her copy, and there was a wait list at the local library for it after they announced that it would be coming to theaters. I then bought the book in December and it's sat on my shelf (along with many others) until now when I've decided to plow through as many books as possible during my summer break from school.

While many EPL book fans didn't enjoy the movie, saying that it took so much away from the book, I must disagree. Respectfully though, as I did not read the book first. However, after the moving I was craving more and now am even putting Elizabeth Gilbert's other books on my list.

Of course there was much more detail in the book--but why wouldn't there be? We always know the book is better than the movie. I found myself getting completely lost in this book and definitely feeling a longing for travel again. Thankfully I began reading it as I was traveling out to Texas and have had a new area to explore. Funny enough I felt like I was Liz Gilbert, as the first four meals I ate in Ft. Worth were all Italian. I indulged in baked ziti, pizzas, ravioli and even amazing gelato. I also have somehow not eaten any Tex-Mex since I've been here yet--I know.

While it became a little bit of a hard read during Gilbert's travels in India, I still enjoyed every bit. I actually really did enjoy India. As someone else who maybe sometimes has questioned religion and has not exactly found something concrete to believe in and hold on to, I appreciated her journey and unconventional methods of spirituality.

I felt like Gilbert became a friend, and even began to get teary at the very last paragraph of the book. I look forward to reading Committed and finding out what happened to Gilbert and Felipe after they left Bali and let their romance blossom. Now, onto the next book!

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