Sunday, June 5, 2011


If you could gather what I was going to write about for this, then I like you already. Something I became quite familiar with during my year on the road was airport acronyms/abbreviations/whatever you'd like to call them.

What's most fun is trying to guess what they are for each airport. Some of them are super random and don't make any sense with what the actual airport's name is. A lot of times this can be because there are two cities with the same name that have airports. For one example: Wilmington.
ILG: Great Wilmington, DE
ILM: Wilmington New Hanover County, NC
While I'd traveled by air quite a bit before college I used to get confused when people would always call Wilmington "ILM" or have ILM stickers on their car. I then caught on pretty quickly.

Traveling this weekend was a breeze. It helped me finish three books, and due to (miraculously) not checking any luggage, and printing boarding passes ahead of time, I made it from the car to gate in record time.

One book I devoured this weekend and finished on the plane from BWI (Baltimore) to HOU (Houston), was Laura Dave's The First Husband. In this book, the main character Annie is a writer who does a column on traveling. Reading this excerpt I found many of the reasons why I find traveling so exciting:

When you travel, you can become anyone. No one knows you. No one is telling you who--based on your history, or their ideas about your history--they've decided who you are. When you travel, everything is unfamiliar and possible again. Like with a brand-new job or a brand-new partner. Like with a first kiss. For a short, perfect while, you get to see yourself--you get to experience yourself--as new. Until the inevitable (and inevitability surprising) reminder: you are still you. 

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