Monday, June 20, 2011

Help Me Understand...

Why in a cycling room with about 24 bikes someone feels the need to walk in and take the bike directly in front of me blocking the view of the instructor when there are still at least 15 empty bikes?

Regardless, I'm really glad I started this week early and at the gym. Hopefully it's a promising sign for how the rest of the week will go. One thing I love about the Monday/Friday instructor, C, is his choice of music. Lots of great 90's jams. And making us aware that the bread they bring you at Macaroni Grill has 1,000 calories. Cheers!

On a completely unrelated note, I stumbled upon this last night. One of my faves, Amos Lee, teamed up with Zac Brown Band to do "Colder Weather" live and I just can't get enough!

And just one last thing for ya, if you don't keep up with the important things in life, South Carolina beat Texas A&M last night in the College World Series opener. The next game is tomorrow at 7pm EST vs. Virginia, probably again on ESPN 2. GO GAMECOCKS!

South Carolina 5, Texas A&M 4

Happy Monday lucky charms--hope everyone's week is off to a great start! And no matter where you are from TX to SC and in between, it's going to be a hot one so don't forget a water bottle!

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