Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Return of Shopaholic

After finally being paid from TCU what better way to celebrate then to blow it all in two days? Ok well it was only half of what a regular pay check would be...and there were just too many good sales going on!

I hope you love that I used my bed and sheets as a background for snapping some pics of these things--super professional right?

I'm absolutely enamored with this new bracelet, I love turquoise and gold together and it's already been fun to wear jangling around! I'm one of the biggest culprits of pinning my hair back and found some fun hairpins at Ann Taylor Loft to add a little more fun than the typical bobby pin. I've been attempting to add more gold to my accessory collection, so I rationalized the bracelet for that, as well as the necklace from Loft. 

I grabbed the black & white dress on final sale at Francesca's which is one of my all time favorite stores and I was so excited to find that there's one just minutes from campus in Ft. Worth! While the sweater looks a little drab it's actually a really pretty soft purple color, with a fun zipper on the back. That will get pushed to the back of the closet until November. 

Now to get to the fun! The intern roomies and I have become obsessed with Extreme Couponing and have started stock piling our own. As I'm becoming more of a grown up (yuck) and will be soon back to the life of grocery shopping I've decided this fun coupon organizer will help to motivate me with trying to spend less. 

I was so excited to stumble upon the "4,000 Questions" book. One thing that Mr. Charming and I love to do is play questions games. I'm always horrible at actually coming up with questions and when I spotted this I knew it was a definite purchase. He'll be coming out to TX at the end of my time in Ft. Worth to drive back to the East Coast with me, so I'm hoping this can help to entertain us some on the long trip. 

Also--don't forget that Bath & Body Works is currently having their semi-annual sale! I won't even get into how much I purchased there. But they had like $2 hand soaps so go stock up for the year. Anyone else find some great purchases this weekend?

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asj said...

so fun! I have that sweater from the loft in two colors (that purple and hot pink) and I LOVE them!