Friday, June 10, 2011

Sweet Southern Comfort

If you haven't noticed the updates to my Library as well as the new obsession with using Goodreads, I'm definitely on a reading kick this summer. I wrote down books all year that I wanted to read and now I'm cracking into them. After the first few fun ones I'm going to dig into my pile of student affairs & education books, should get interesting.

I started out with quite a few of the typical favorite chick-lit romances. The characters are fun and careless, and you know exactly what's going to happen. Minus a few short surprises. After this I was in need of something really good, and I found that in Beth Hoffman's Saving CeeCee Honeycutt. I had no clue what it was about when I came upon it on someone's blog, but got my hands on it and immediately couldn't put it down.

It's the tale of CeeCee Honeycutt who grows up in Ohio with her psychotic mother and absent father. After a family tragedy when she's twelve, her great Aunt Tallulah opens her house to CeeCee, swoops her up and transplants her into Savannah, GA, where her mother is from. There's not too much detail I can give away but this book was everything I was looking for and more. I didn't know where it was going to go, and every chapter surprised me.

It's an enchanting and heartwarming tale, with many strong feminine characters and a splash of southern charm. It made me long to continue reading the story of CeeCee in a hammock under a big magnolia tree enjoying the afternoon summer breeze. I shed tears over the story of a young girl who lost bits of her childhood, but it warmed my heart to read of the strength she built and friendships that bloomed during her first summer in Savannah.

A few favorite quotes...

It's how we survive the hurts in life that brings us strength and gives us our beauty.

I realized that Southern hospitality not only came from the heart but was a practiced social art that had been passed down from one generation to the next--like fine silverware or china. Southerners had a way of doing things that made you feel special. 

People is wise 'cause they get out in the world and live. Wisdom comes from experience--from knowin' each day is a gift and accepting it with gladness. You read a whole lot of books, and readin' sure has made you smart, but ain't no book in the world gonna make you wise. 

I don't typically re-read books, but I would definitely bring this back out in a few years. I would love to purchase a copy so that someday hopefully my own daughter could enjoy this read of the magic and importance of female friendships. I highly encourage all of you to go out and get your hands on copy!


Royar said...

I just read this and I absolutely adored it! I will definitely be re-reading it!

Charlotte said...

I just finished this book and highlighted the exact same quotes on my kindle! Great minds think alike!