Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Young House Lovin'

Thanks to one of the lovely Tri Sigma's (shout to Chelsea B.!) that I follow, I stumbled upon my newest obsession this afternoon. Move over Pinterest, I now cannot get enough of Young House Love.

This blog is written by a married couple who have now completely transformed two houses, their first one and their current residence. Not only do you get before and after pics but you get the stories of in between, the names of paint colors, stores where furnishings were bought, etc. 

They also tell many stories of their adorable daughter and dog. 

If Pinterest hasn't already had me longing for my own little house to dive into DIY projects for and decorate, this has really got me over the edge. 

I really adore the story of how they met, how quickly they made big life decisions together, their DIY wedding in their backyard and how they've celebrated their anniversaries. 

Pretty much I've found yet another website that I'd just like to pack up and move right into. I'm going to go through and bookmark (well really just pin things) that might make great DIY projects one day. When I'm a grown up. And I get a real house. And I have real(ish) paychecks to actually furnish and decorate a house.

Until then I'll continue to drool over the images seen and stories read and daze off into thoughts of my future dream house...


asj said...

I love their site too, especially the monthly pictures of their daughter!

Tiffany said...

Yeah - thanks! Now I'm hooked too :)