Sunday, July 17, 2011

Have Your [pan]Cake and Eat It Too!

This morning I had a lovely Skype chat with this guy...
Mr. Charming just thinks he's so funny doesn't he?

...and I can't wait for him to come back to Ft. Worth in just over a week and then begin our half cross country road trip back to GA! Anyways, the point of this is that by the time we were finished and then I went to the gym, the dining hall was just about closed for lunch. 

Knowing I have barely any food in my kitchen, I don't want to spend money, or really go buy food since I'm leaving in a week and a half, I set out to see if I could concoct a semi-decent meal from what I could find in the apartment. Luckily I succeeded! 

A serving size of Hungry Jack's Wheat Blends pancakes, 1/3 cup dry, equaled three perfectly sized little pancakes. That serving is 150 calories, and the rest of the nutrition facts aren't too bad either. Well I couldn't eat dry pancakes could I? My favorite pancake topping is definitely syrup. My favorite is Smucker's Blueberry Syrup, and I just found out a serving size has 44g of surgar--YIKES! Luckily I had Aunt Jemima's Butter Lite from the last time we made pancakes. The Aunty only costs 100 calories per serving, although there's still 25g of sugar. Oh well, I can't win every food battle. 

Carbs...check. Sugar...check. Next I searched for some protein and found some already cooked turkey sausage links in the fridge. While I've provided a Jimmy Dean picture because it's much more aesthetically pleasing, they were actually Kroger brand, and added up to 80 calories for two links. 

Looks like scrummaging through the apartment was the way to go, only 330 calories for that breakfast for lunch. I would have loved to add some fruit in the future, but hey I'll take what I can get. 

What are you favorite healthy options for breakfast, or breakfast for lunch...or dinner?

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