Friday, July 15, 2011

Pizza Pizza!

I've been striving to eat healthy lately especially after a binge of junky, fried, restaurant food I ate for two weeks while I had visitors in town. It definitely took a toll on my body and it was crazy to see the difference in how I felt when I started eating that kind of food again. Now I'm getting back on my good food train!

One thing that isn't helpful when trying to eat healthy is having a meal plan at TCU, I'm grateful for the free food, and Market Square has pretty good options...but it just makes it so tempting to eat bad things! Yesterday for dinner there was buffalo chicken, tomato alfredo and Hawaiian pizza. And it just looked too good. I've learned that for me I have to give into my cravings if I can or it'll take over my life. And true to to what I know about myself I sure thought about pizza all day long after going for a salad last night.

Never fear, I headed to Kroger after work and found something to settle my craving. If you're going to get a frozen pizza (or any food that comes from a box in that matter), you really need to look at the nutrition facts. First, always look for a thin crust pizza. Then, try to find a wheat or whole grain crust if you can. Next tip is to look at toppings. Meat is always going to add extra fat and grease. Bacon, pepperoni and sausage are the worst perpetrators. If you must, go for ham or chicken (grilled). The best toppings? Veggies of course!

After carefully looking through I chose Kashi's Roasted Vegetable Thin Crust Pizza.                                                   

The nutrition facts added up and a 1/3 of the pizza is only 250 calories! I was so hungry I ended up eating half and saved the rest for the weekend, but that still only cost me 375 calories. The crust was great, there was just enough cheese and the veggies were awesome. I could actually see the grill marks on the veggies and they genuinely tasted roasted, yum! I would give this pizza five stars and encourage you to try it, I bet the other varieties are just as great.

Had to take a pic, didn't think about it 'til I started eating (whoops) but look at the grill marks on that red pepper!

On this journey to eat healthier and feel better I just have to remember that I can have everything I want to eat. I just have to eat it in moderation and find good alternatives to give into my cravings. I could never go through life without pizza, cheeseburgers (living in the same town as Pawley's again is going to kill!), ice cream, brownies...pretty much anything with greasy, fatty, empty calories. I'm on a mission to find great alternatives to the foods I love and I'm going to share these all with you.

Have you found a healthier variety of pizza that you like? Please share because I'm definitely going to need more suggestions on this journey!

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