Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I Just Can't Get Enough

Things I currently can't get enough of include...

Amazing 4 ingredient banana oat bars
The best thing is they really have 4 ingredients: bananas, rolled oats, chopped walnuts & chopped dates. And naturally a dash of vanilla and cinnamon for some added flavor! 

Get the recipe and try them yourself. I wasn't sure what "very ripe" meant for the bananas but I let them sit about 4/5 days after buying them and waited until they were speckled with brown spots. After baking them, keep in an airtight container to make sure they don't get dry.

 Honey & cinnamon as yogurt mix-ins
Greek yogurt + honey + cinnamon = NOM
Need I say more?
ps. this makes for a great dessert if you really just need that something sweet at the end of the day!

3initials iPhone app
Yes, I can now make custom monograms changing the font, size/placing of letters and naturally...colors. Holla if you would like a custom monogram picture for your phone because I can't stop playing around with the app to find the best combinations. 

Potentially an unnecessary purchase? Eh, I've gotten too much enjoyment out of it!

What's the number one thing I JUST can't get enough of? *Drum roll please*

Between work, school, teaching, working out, doing homework, visiting Mr. Charming and attempting to maintain my sanity--sleep has come in last. Good thing for me my new motto is "You can't change the world from your bed now can ya?"

Early mornings are taking a toll...but counting down until the end of this semester! Happy almost hump day y'all!

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