Monday, November 14, 2011

Here's to Getting Old

I'm 24 today...2-4. That's one year from the big 2-5. I could have sworn I just turned 21 yesterday and opened a unicorn pinata full of mini-bottles from my roommates...where are all of these years going?

I wasn't kidding there really was a unicorn pinata--thanks B & M!

While celebrating Mr. Charming's birthday last week we realized that next year I'll turn 25, and he'll turn 30. That will be one kick-butt party! With one more year 'til we're both old (well me getting older, MC just plain old!) we decided to come up with a list of things to do before our next birthdays. Some things are already lined up and I'm hoping that we can accomplish them all in the next 365 days.

2011 American Birthday, he looks scared

Things To Do Before We're Old
  • Go on a cruise (May '12)
  • Get a kitten together (do we get double points for getting two?)
  • Hot air balloon ride
  • Visit the Biltmore
  • Take a trip to Athens, GA 
  • Teach MC how to cook (in progress...)
  • Run a 5K (Anna: 3/17/12)
  • Go camping
  • Take dance lessons
  • Learn how to make sushi
  • Grow a tomato plant (subbed for basil, not enough sun on our porch-whomp)
Hoping we can get all of these crossed of the list, and of course you'll get to hear about them all!


asj said...

great list! you'll LOVE Athens - its seriously one of my favorite places, let me know when you get close to going and I'll give you some places to check out.

Welcome to the mid-twenties, every year from here on out the hangovers get tougher and tougher... I know how MC feels - I turn 29 in Jan and DJ turns 30 in April... when did we get this old?!

asj said...

oh and happy birthday again! have to say it on all the social outlets for it to count, right? :)