Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sweet November

As I looked at this month on my Outlook calendar and in my planner (because having just one wouldn't do), I was filled with dread at the large assignments I have due every week for this month. Is it May 4th yet? While I continued to feel nauseated trying to figure out when I will have time to efficiently complete all of this school work I realized there are so many great things in store for November. Instead, I'm deciding to focus on the fun things, so here's what I'm looking forward to...

1. Traveling with Mr. Charming on Friday to spend the weekend with the lovely ladies of the wolfpack and our beaus for round two in Chicago!
The ladies I worked with when I traveled for Tri Sigma are some of my very best friends. Though we no longer talk everyday, and rarely see each other, we've stayed close through email and phone chats. I'm so thankful to have this group of Sigma gals in my life and even more grateful that we're able to visit at least once a year. This trip will hopefully live up to the memories of round one! We'll be gathering to see our Michele marry the man of her dreams--these two are the cutest couple you've seen. Their engagement pictures could double as J.Crew ads.

2. MY BIRTHDAY!!! (and Mr. Charming's, and a few other friends too!)
Since quite a few of my grad school friends birthdays fall within the same week, we've decided to have a birthday extravaganza to celebrate all together. With November 11th (Veteran's Day) being the date of our soiree, we will naturally have an American themed party. Time to get your red, white & blue on! What better way to celebrate one more year before officially being old? The big 2-4...

3. Taylor Swift
In concert. November 18th. Breaking out my boots...enough said!

4. Going home for Thanksgiving!
I haven't been home since early June for my sister's graduation and absolutely cannot wait. There have been quite a few little ones added to my family since then that I've been dying to meet. And after ten months, I also can't wait to finally show Mr. Charming my home and where I grew up. Thanksgiving is my favorite of the holiday season and I look forward to spending time with family and indulging in my favorite traditional dishes, yum!

As Mr. Charming is a history and politics nerd, I'll be taking him into D.C. for a day...watch out White House! 

So something big for school each week, paired with something super fun and exciting to look forward to. Hopefully I'll be able to manage spending enough time on the school part...

What are you looking forward to this month?

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