Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Wolfpack Wedding, 1st Edition

It's certainly been one of those days where I've been extremely productive...but all in the name of avoiding a paper I need to write for school. Oh well at least I've cleaned, grocery shopped, cooked, and even picked up a new dress for my birthday tomorrow, hooray!

Last weekend was spent in Chicago and was an absolute blast! The lovely ladies I worked with when I traveled for Tri Sigma make up the wolfpack, and I don't know what I'd do without them. The first of us was getting married, and so we all roamed from our respective locations in the US to see our Michele walk down the aisle and become Mrs. Larson.

For Mr. Charming and me, our trip started out a little rough. As we flew Delta and had to connect in Atlanta we naturally almost missed our flight. Picture us both sprinting through ATL, fighting for bit as we are running, and then me beginning to sob because I think we've missed our plane. As determined as ever I kept running towards our gate, and good thing I did because our flight was pushed back 15 minutes. With the big Guy looking down upon us we got on the plane and made our way north.

Friday night was spent catching up, introducing our beaus to one another and doing so over some awesome Mexican food. Mr. Charming can't stop going on about their mole, and their tableside guacamole was to die for! We played a little joke and told them it was Colleen's birthday. After seeing a pile of sombreros in the corner I knew what would be in store...

Saturday we went to the yummiest brunch, Mr. Charming tried to order sweet Illinois. We were hopeful when they didn't look at him like he had five heads, but what they brought out was most definitely Lipton Raspberry Tea. 

We spent some time getting pretty and wrapping the gifts, then made the boys do a photo shoot of the four of us. We found a stranger to get a group picture as well!

The boys loved each other!

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Bryce Larson!!

So pretty, and yummy!

All of the Sigmas serenading Michele with Carrie Underwood "All American Girl"

Congratulations Michele!!

Since we weren't leaving until later on Sunday we ventured into the city. Mr. Charming was super excited...this is probably the biggest place he's ever been to!
All of us in the bean!

Mr. Charming LOVED the bean!

Just hiding under Marilyn's skirt

We got deep dish pizza at Pizzeria Uno (YUM!) and then made our way to ORD for our flight. We took the metro which was also quite the adventure. It was really convenient and much cheaper than getting a taxi. Before I knew it we were back in Georgia...sigh

Can't wait to see who's wedding is next!!

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