Sunday, December 4, 2011

Flashback Photos

While I absolutely love my digital camera I got a little old school this semester. Mr. Charming and I went tubing down the Saluda River back in Augusta and wanting to document the day, I bought a disposable camera which I put in a sandwich baggie so that it wouldn't be destroyed. What's ironic is that I bought this so I wouldn't take a chance destroying my own camera, and then I brought my iPod along with us. Oh well!

At first it was frustrating to take a picture and not know if we even were both fully in the frame, I let it go and just snapped pictures everywhere. I didn't use the camera up that day so it tagged along for a few other adventures throughout the semester.

Though at first I didn't see much joy in using this over my digital camera that all fell away when it was time to be developed. The camera sat on my shelf until November and I had it developed a few weeks ago. I was like a kid on Christmas waiting to get the pictures back as I couldn't recall everything I had used the camera for.

Drum roll please for the gems of this disposable camera...

Floating down the Saluda with Mr. Charming, I'm really impressed by my skills to snap that first picture!

Artistic tailgate shot haha

Kentucky tailgate with one of the Spuds

After the Lady Antebellum Corn Maze in Augsta, too bad it's too dark to see the maze

At the SC State Fair

I must say there is an element of fun and surprise in using old school cameras with film vs. the digital cameras we are now so accustomed to. I can recall that excitement from middle school and high school and it was fun to relive. Digital cameras definitely took that joy away from us, though they have many other perks! I challenge you to get a disposable camera and take a few pictures of special occasions here and there for a few months. You will have so much fun digging into them once they're developed!

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