Sunday, January 22, 2012

525,600 Minutes

It's crazy to me that exactly one year ago today Mr. Charming and I had our first date. I was very excited for our first date after talking non-stop for weeks, and used one of my favorite quotes to convey my feelings for the day. We have had so many wonderful memories since then, a whole year jam-packed with adventure. It seems forever ago, and also just like yesterday...

We went to the South Carolina vs. Kentucky Basketball game with my friend Michelle and her boyfriend. MC was late, which was foreshadowing for our relationship...

I think USC lost? I honestly can't recall because as soon as he got there I wasn't particularly paying attention to the game. What I do remember is that when we first got there, the seat numbers on our tickets were already taken, by people who had those same tickets. Event staff had us go the very top (past the actual seats) and sit in these folding chairs. It was rather awkward.

After the game was over Michelle and her boyfriend left and we headed out to grab some food. We attempted to go to Liberty, but with a 30 minute wait we quickly headed over to The Flying Saucer. Luckily we were seated rather quickly, in this very booth...

MC got the Chicken Caesar Wrap

And I had the Goat Cheese Salad

Fun fact: exactly three months later on 4/22/11 we sat at the same booth and ordered the same food in honor of our first date!

MC took about two bites of his food, which I later learned was because he was so nervous. As usual I was completely oblivious as I woofed down my salad. I know, I'm such a lady. 

That had been the same evening as Beer Fest and there were many intoxicated customers at Saucer who had come over from the event. Some of them came and sat down with me while MC was in the bathroom. When he came back we started a conversation with them and MC immediately made up names and stories for who we were and what we were doing there. I went along with it and knew at that moment that I was highly intrigued. Especially when he had these guys believe his name was Zack Morris. 

Michelle was having her birthday party that night and I really wanted to stop by. I didn't want our date to end, but also was a little nervous to take MC to a party with everyone from my grad program. HESA can be a little overwhelming--think about the bold student leaders from your college, now put 80 of them in a room together...yea. Anyways I asked him if he'd want to go with me and he said yes.

We walked arm in arm back to his car, then drove to mine and we were on our way to Michelle's. If he was overwhelmed or nervous I had absolutely no idea as he began talking to all of my friends. He was completely independent and didn't just linger by my side. Again, I knew this was going to be something interesting.

Drove him back to his car and after talking for a while we both went home. At this point MC still had a crazy Droid and when he went to text me "Did I pass the test for a second date?" he accidentally texted a few my friends who's numbers he'd gotten that evening to text them a funny picture he took at the party. Luckily they all said yes...and so did I.

Here's to another 525,600 minutes and many more going on adventures, laughing, loving and just simply being together. I love you buddy!

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