Monday, January 16, 2012


This past weekend was one of my best girlfriend's bachelorette, and it was an absolute blast! I met Lauren at the end of college and we have a great story. Our college boyfriends were roommates, and we became inseparable when I moved to Raleigh for a month after graduating from UNCW. Though those relationships ended, our friendship only grew stronger. We only see each other a handful of times a year but through long phone chats and emails we've remained great friends!

Left: Lauren & me this weekend; Right: April 2009
(still sorority squatting, some things never change!)

She will be getting married on March 9th of this year and I couldn't be more honored to be standing close to her side for the whole thing. The wedding festivities began with her bachelorette this weekend in Myrtle Beach. We had the cutest little condo where we played games, laughed, and drank quite a bit of my new famous champagne punch (recipe to follow!).

Lauren brought us some yummy cupcakes from Gigi's in Raleigh, and I brought all the girls some tervis tumblers to remember the weekend. I painted a starfish (which Lauren has been using for the wedding), included her wedding date and of course had them monogrammed so we wouldn't confuse our cups! We all got Lauren some adorable lingerie for her honeymoon to Antigua and thought it would be fun to pin it up for the weekend for all to view.

I filled the tumblers with colorful candy buttons, the recipe I naturally found on Pinterest! I didn't use melting disks, and instead used Hershey Hugs which created a fun zebra design once melted. The best part of a bachelorette early in the year was that there are plenty of pink goodies in the store for Valentine's Day. Using pink and M&M's made these buttons so fun for the weekend's festivities! Just put one Hug on top of a square pretzel (I used Snyder's Butter Snaps), stick the tray in a 350* oven for two minutes and press a M&M on the top of each one when it comes out. You actually don't have to really press, setting the M&M on top the chocolate is so melty that it will just fall some itself. Easy as 1, 2, 3...ta-da!

Though I only knew Lauren's little sister going into the weekend it was such a blast and I can't wait to see these ladies again for her shower and then of course at the wedding in March. We got all dressed up on Saturday and went out to Broadway at the Beach and danced the night away. I was so glad to be able to celebrate Lauren's last fling and am incredibly happy to be by her side when she marries the love of her life in just under two months from now!

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