Friday, January 27, 2012

Do More: Week Three

Time for the check-in, lets see how I was able to do more in week three!

Be more creative.
Use my talents to make meaningful gifts for the ones I love. Made cupcakes for Michelle's birthday!

Write more.
Blog more to share life with family and friends. Lots of blogging!
Send more cards and letters to friends and family. Sent birthday, thank you and just because notes to brighten up the week. 

Read more.
Read more books and novels that I enjoy rather than watching TV. Finally picked up the book I began the first week of January...getting a little behind on my lofty goal of 52 books this year.
Stay current on US & world news, take time to learn more about politics. Definitely need to get more into this with all of the current political buzz.

Cook more
Try out 52 new recipes. Snickerdoodle cupcakes w/ cinnamon cream cheese icing. Avocado, red pepper & black bean quesadillas.
Make a conscious effort to prepare my meals rather than eating prepackaged food. Cooked myself egg salad, made pizzas with MC
Buy more local food and produce to cook. Bought a Groupon to a market where I can get some of these goods!

Spend more time outside. 
Go for a walk outside at least once a week. Went for a walk/jog on Tuesday and Wednesday. Though the week started out with absolutely awful weather it took a turn for the better!
Walk more on campus instead of taking the shuttle. Once it got a little nicer I definitely took advantage. 

See more.
Find 10 new things to explore in Columbia, SC before graduation. Finally went to World of Beer in the Vista...does that count? I also took the trail to the left at the Riverwalk for the first time this week, I'll be sticking with my original trail. 

Did you go out of your way to do more this week?


meghan said...

You accomplished a lot this week! Props to you. =) I didn't have the best week, but I'm hopefully for next! =)

Happy Weekend!

Shine On

Anna said...
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Anna said...

Thanks Meghan, there's always a new week to continue with your goals...good luck!!