Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nobody Has a Better Life

I absolutely loved the time that I spent on the road when I was working with Tri Sigma. However, there were definitely days where life wasn't so perfect. In the winter I spent in the Midwest it was typically below 25* and there was snow on the ground. I missed my closet, family, friends, personal space and getting to wear more than five outfits in a month. Some days I needed to go back and find my center and remember that I loved my job and that I was doing great things. Tiffany, who was a second year in our group, had the mantra "Nobody Has a Better Life" (NHABL). Wake up in the morning and no matter how you feel, or how badly you think the day may go, stand in front of the mirror look into your eyes and repeat "NHABL!" And it certainly came true.

This morning was one of those. I snoozed twice and then poured chunky, expired creamer into my coffee (sorry if you're eating!). I got up early to do some job search work, and then ended up fooling around on the internet, typical. I channeled my inner consultant, and knowing that I had faced much more unfortunate situations than this, I repeated "NHABL"! And just like that it turned around.

It wore off around lunch time and then this afternoon I made a huge mistake with my schedule and wasn't in my office when I was supposed to. After getting on the same shuttle for the third time that day I hurried back to the other side of campus and flew into my office. I stopped a second to cool down because it's absolutely never fair to be in a bad mood when you work with students--it's not their fault if you're an idiot and totally messed up your schedule! So again I remembered "NHABL"!

And thank goodness again because I had the best afternoon. Can I just tell you how astounded I still am to have one of the best jobs in the world? How it is fair that I get paid (below the poverty line, but paid nonetheless) to work with such awesome students that are bright, engaged and most of the time competent? It was 4:00pm when my office's on-call hours stop, and someone came in. I sighed a little as I was looking forward to finally leaving campus for the day but I stopped...and actually no I didn't repeat NHABL but I just went out into the lobby to meet this student.

I stared at her for a good minute and then we both realized we had met before! Last semester I started talking with a girl that was in a group fitness class with me at the gym. After talking the whole class we walked outside and it had started to rain, she had walked to the gym and so I offered her a ride home. I found out she was a transfer student and was having a pretty good time already but really wanted to get engaged on campus. I told her about some opportunities and that she should definitely come by the Career Center to look into internships.

We caught up for a while before I helped her with her resume, we chatted some more and I gave her my information to keep in touch. I was excited to see she's become involved in various organizations and is doing great academically. And that is why I don't care that I'll never make a million dollars, because the feeling I felt catching up with this student and hearing about her success and that she wanted to come by and tell me about it had me flying among the stars. That is why I love education!

After riding the shuttle the fourth time back to my car (I swear the driver gave me a funny look because I was carrying three bags all day) I got back to my car to find a sweet little note from my friend Michelle...have I said it enough already? NHABL!

I got to enjoy time outside running with friends, how did I get so lucky to live within walking distance of such a pretty place? NHABL!

Came home and made a pretty and yummy meal for myself and then took time to slowly enjoy it while watching FRIENDS.

So when you're feeling crappy, you want the day to end, something gets in your way...repeat with me "Nobody has a better life!" Because it's certainly true y'all!

Disclaimer: My amazing day may also have to do with karma (which I'm a huge believer in). On the way to work this morning I told the person who parked next to me to move their car or they would get a ticket for being backed into a parking spot (because USC is wack) and they thanked me profusely. Then on the way to the shuttle (for the first time) a lady in her car stopped me for directions which I took the time to give even though I was running late. Do good and it will come. Every good Tri Sigma knows "To receive much you must give much."

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meghan said...

What an awesome post, Anna! I think that mantra is great -- mind if an AOII borrows it for those tough days? :)

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