Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Do More: Week One

Though we're almost two weeks into the new year, it's been exactly a week since coming up with my resolutions to do more in 2012. I guess I should also add "hold myself more accountable" to that list, although that wording doesn't sound all too good. Perhaps learning more about grammar could be yet another addition. Oh well, I could add on to the list forever but let's take a look at what I've got to work with!

Write more.
Resume writing in my journal regularly. Though I haven't been writing in my journal as I'd like, I did find this little gem at Francesca's. I've started doing one page every night, or a little more if I really get into it. I must say it's refreshing to have to stop and think about the things that I really enjoy.

Blog more to share life with family and friends. Ok so I've only written one (now two!) posts since making my resolutions. But at the rate that I blogged last year that's pretty decent, especially considering I was out of town for the weekend. 

Cook more
Try out 52 new recipes. I've tried out two new recipes since posting. One I altered to be a little more health conscious...well as much as you can with mac 'n cheese, keep your eyes peeled for a yummy post coming up about that! The other new recipe is currently top secret, but will be coming soon as well...

Make a conscious effort to prepare my meals rather than eating prepackaged food. I've been doing wonderfully with this! Though I am mildly obsessed with Healthy Choice frozen cafe steamers (easiest lunch ever!), I've been putting quite a bit of time and effort into making more of my meals. Here's what I whipped up the day I posted my resolutions...
2-egg omelette with spinach, tomatoes, onions & mozzarella, orange & piece of toast with Smart Balance spread
Spinach salad with carrotts, tomatoes & Gardein Seven Grain Crispy Tenders, roasted tomato vinagrette and ruby red grapefruit
Delightful mac 'n cheese you'll hear about soon, bowl of raw veggies and Greek yogurt veggie dip

The best part was that they were all simple to make, good for me and actually fairly inexpensive!

Ok so for the first week I'm making fair progress. There are a few other resolutions I'm making some baby steps with and once I've some notable information I'll be sure to share that with you. Another goal of mine is to post at least once a week with updates on how I'm "doing more" that week in regards to my 2012 goals!

Almost two weeks into 2012, how are your resolutions going? 

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