Saturday, January 28, 2012

Weekly Highlights

I find myself taking so many pictures on my iPhone throughout the week, what a great way to look back at the week through those?

To encourage us as we study for comps, all of the second years in my program have a comps buddy that is a first year student. Mine has found out my love for Harry Potter and send me a daily dose of re-mastered HP script. 

My spuddy (buddy in our program) sent me some awesome love through campus mail, and I got to have lunch with the other spuddy this week too!

 Michelle's sister sent her these to the office for her birthday this week, so yummy!

This doesn't need much of an explanation...I love the South

Had to stop and take a pic of my way to run at the Riverwalk, so thankful for great weather and amazing places

My comps buddy completely outdid themselves with this present that I got yesterday at COOL!

During a comps (sensing a theme in my life right now?) study session last night we got nostalgic and broke out the Mondos. It definitely helped us retain the history of higher education.

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