Monday, February 20, 2012

Comps Managed!

I noted in my post a few days ago that I just took the comprehensive exam for my Higher Education and Student Affairs (HESA) program. We have some great traditions here at South Carolina surrounding comps that I wanted to share!

A lot of students typically study in groups, many of which will create a group name and get crazy with a theme. My group got really excited this year and got really into a Harry Potter theme. Not only was it great for designing shirts and getting props, but actually helped us while we studied. We were able to associate every student development theory with Harry Potter characters and most of our review notes and power points had images and information relating back to HP.

One of the biggest traditions is surrounding The Torchbearer, which is the statue in front of Wardlaw College, home to the College of Education at USC. Any HESA student taking comps does not touch horse at all during their first year and a half at USC, though thesis writers will touch the horse for good luck. After the second years complete comps they gather and run out in a group to celebrate and jump all over the statue. I honestly like to refer to it as HESA bid day, as the second years get comps buddies so there are lots of posters, balloons, confetti, screaming, yelling cheering, and a huge group of people running together in similar shirts (I actually got a mouth full of glitter while running to the horse). Sounds like a good metaphor right? We were even featured on the homepage of USC's website!

My group got up early to have breakfast together before the big test and jam out to some crazy music in the car to get pumped. We then danced around The Torchbearer and naturally put some charms and spells on it with our magic wands to ensure that we'd pass comps.
Preparing for Comps!

Wish I had gotten some close-ups of our shirts, we had the outline of Wardlaw College with footprints and our group members names like the Maurader's Map on the back, and "I solemnly swear I'm up to no good" on the front!

And then the aftermath came...
Comps group on the horse!

My awesome Comps Buddy!!

Running back through the banner we didn't break the first time...

HESA 2012 did it!!

My sister came to celebrate and even brought me a yummy red velvet treat from Cupcake, thanks Alyssa!

 Me and my roommate Jesse, I've still got my magic wand in hand

Out to a celebratory lunch


And I got the best email last Thursday followed by a letter in writing today...

Now put a hood on me, c'mon May 4, 2012!!
(Oh, and also please give me a job. Thanks!)

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