Saturday, February 4, 2012

Do More: Week Four

A day late, but better than nothing. It's about that time to check in folks!

Write more.
Blog more to share life with family and friends. Lots of blogging!
Send more cards and letters to friends and family. As I've been receiving lots of fun little encouragement notes I decided to pick out a handful of people in my life that I know could use some and returned the favor this week. It felt great :)

Read more.
Read more books and novels that I enjoy rather than watching TV. Actually started reading every night before bed, yay!

Cook more
Try out 52 new recipes. Not sure if it's much of a "recipe" but I "made" Greek yogurt veggie dip (aka tub of Greek yogurt with a ranch dip packet)
Make a conscious effort to prepare my meals rather than eating prepackaged food. Cooked my dinner every night but one.

Spend more time outside. 
Go for a walk outside at least once a week. Ran on Mon., ran again on Weds. (finally hit 5k!)

See more.
Find 10 new things to explore in Columbia, SC before graduation. Not really new "places" to explore but went to the World of Beer Festival and Arts & Draughts at the Columbia Art Museum.

Do more, be more, go have a great week!

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Dree said...

You've done so much with your goals! Greek veggie dip sounds delicious!