Thursday, February 23, 2012

Do More: Week Seven

It's about that time to check-in folks!

Be more creative.
Paint and craft more. Made some little signs for the first years in our office to congratulate them on their internships and a scrapbook for MC!
Use my talents to make meaningful gifts for the ones I love. Made a scrapbook for MC of our first year together for our anniversary. Some pictures to come on this!

Write more.
Blog more to share life with family and friends. Done & done!

Read more.
Read more books and novels that I enjoy rather than watching TV. Finally started Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinesella--Michelle don't worry you'll get it back before hooding :)

Cook more
Try out 52 new recipes. Stuffed acorn squash, mmm. 
Make a conscious effort to prepare my meals rather than eating prepackaged food. Lots of this still!

Speak more.
Ask more work, with friends, with family, everywhere. I think I've asked so many questions in the Journalism office they're probably wondering why they let me do a practicum there-HA!
Make a better effort at keeping in touch with friends and family. Good chats with old friends this week. 

Spend more time outside. 
Go for a walk outside at least once a week. Two times at the Riverwalk this week. Since I've been checking in there on foursquare it told me I've been there every week for 8 consecutive weeks, win! Also branched out a bit and tried to run on the roads...not a fan

See more.
Find 10 new things to explore in Columbia, SC before graduation. Finally ate at Brioso-does that count?
Take every opportunity to explore around when traveling. Visited Savannah, GA and took a trip to Tybee Island! (more details to come soon)

A pretty productive week I'd have to say! I've heard somewhere once that if you can keep up with your resolutions through Valentine's Day then they'll stick as habits. Well we're past that date and I'd say many of these attempts to "do more" have really become a habit in my life and it was surely about time. 

Now my newest journeys will be going without candy (hard) and Facebook (meh) for the duration of Lent. I'm foreseeing many cupcakes and pudding cups in my future until Easter!

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