Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I've definitely been a little MIA lately, and no I'm talking about this little lady who flipped the bird at the Superbowl...

Last week was my comprehensive exam for graduate school, which I'm now finally done with (yay!) and you can expect to hear more about soon as I've got lots of great pictures from the event. I've also been preparing for a big event with work and with a major deadline out of the way I can now breathe a little bit easier. 

So anyways, Valentine's Day...do you love it or do you hate it? I must admit that I've always had a thing for Valentine's Day. First of all I'm in love with anything pink and can eat my weight in candy, so what's not to love? I think I was also brought up in a house where it wasn't just about romantic love. Since I've left home my mom has sent me a Valentine's Day package every year, even somehow getting it to snowy Michigian in 2010 when I was on the road. My package this year came complete with a digital picture frame and a cute cupcake picture holder in addition to my candy.

I decided to pass that love on, and my sister and I baked some goodies to send a package to my brother who's at Middle Tennessee State University. He was lucky that his girlfriend was able to come visit for the weekend, but we were sure he'd still enjoy some goods baked with love (and tons of candy that I had hoarded while studying for comps that I've desparately needed to get rid of). I naturally saw the recipe for these blondies on Pinterest and thought they'd be a fun project and they definitely were! Enjoy these pictures of us baking and looking our finest...

Last year was the first year I've actually ever had a Valentine. Somehow that date always seemed to be a time of year that I was not dating anyone, and my first holiday with a Valentine was spent well at a nice dinner and then playing questions over a bottle of wine, only one of mine and MC's first couple of dates.

This year due to our schedules we knew we wouldn't see each other and so we celebrated early this weekend. I was excited to get this new gem for my Pandora bracelet:
We went out to see The Vow, which I was supposed to see on Saturday with friends but my plans got interupted by work. He was a good sport and even enjoyed the movie. I would give it 5 stars hands down, but I'm a sucker for movies like that. I legitimately cried the entire movie, not kidding ask MC. We had a yummy dinner at this great Mexican place and then went to bed super early...love being old. Then today my sister and I treated ourselves to sushi and cupcakes (there was some time in between) with our parent's credit card (thanks Mom & Dad!).

I hope that whatever Valetine's day brought you it was wonderful. Remember that loving yourself is the greatest task of all, so give yourself something special by the end of the day, I've already given myself a half a bag of Dove chocolates...whoops!

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