Sunday, April 22, 2012

Georgia On My Mind

Over the past semester Mr. Charming and I have done a small tour around Georgia. There have been some places I've always wanted to go and I realized I needed to take advantage of being so close, and having my own personal Georgian, and check off some of these cities on my list!

Though I hadn't visited, I for some reason in high school fell in love with the state of Georgia. I liked the name, I loved the song "Why Georgia" by John Mayer, and basically I just began growing an interest for the south, which lead me there to college. I had briefly thought about UGA but ended up in NC. Now that I'm writing this out I'm not sure if I've ever even mentioned this to MC!

Our first stop was Savannah, where we went for the weekend of our one year anniversary. I was super excited for this trip after reading Saving CeeCee Honeycutt this summer which takes place in Savannah.  It was unfortunately rather rainy and gross the whole weekend but we still managed to enjoy ourselves. We parked downtown when we first arrived, walked around and then of course went to Paula Deen's Restaurant The Lady & Sons. I have dreamed about this moment since I first fell in love with Paula during my high school obsession with the Food Network. The food was AWESOME I may or may not have drooled over the butter cake!

Awesome tilapia sandwich!

Eating at Lady & Sons, check that off the list!

Later that evening we went on a ghost tour of Savannah which was really neat except that I had to yell at a drunk old guy who was being obnoxiously loud on our trolley. I put him in his place and MC was surprised at my lashing out, but also proud. There were some fun stories and we got see some really pretty houses as well.

On Sunday we woke up at a decent hour and made our way out to Tybee Island to eat at The Breakfast Club. We were able to sit at the bar (which is my favorite!) and watching their cooks was absolutely amazing. They were so fast and whipped up breakfast dishes out of thin air. When one guy had a few seconds to breathe MC began asking him how many eggs, pounds of bacon, etc. they went through in a day. I believe the egg count was in the 800's but can't remember the rest--yikes! My dish was phenomenal and I could not have been more satisfied. Please eat there if you're ever in the area.

 MC got this crazy good "hashbrown omlette"

My yummy eggs florentine

When we emerged from breakfast I was so excited to find that the sun had come out!!! The restaurant is on the beach side so we walked down there and went out on a pier and then headed out to put our toes in the sand. I could not have been any happier. I really did not want to leave a sunny beach in February but unfortunately we had to leave and start heading back home.

 Lady that took the pic got her finger in it...ugh

I had tried to go to Athens in the fall for the USC/UGA football game, but things got crazy and so I just watched the game (in Augusta, so I was closer at least!) with a bunch of MC's friends. It was a glorious victory to celebrate in a huge room of Dawgs. When I told MC I still wanted to go at some point I figured I'd check and see if we were playing at UGA for basketball, and it just so happened it was on a Saturday...and on my Spring Break. Zing!

We went down on Saturday morning and go to campus in time for the game. Watching the two worst teams in the SEC play each other was not the most exciting things, but it was still fun to see their coliseum, and the halftime show was awesome!! There was an Asian acrobatic girl that rode on a very tall unicycle, a cheerleader would throw her bowls which she would balance on her foot (while still balancing the unicycle) and then she'd kick the bowls up and have them land perfectly on her head. I was and am still amazed by this incredible talent.

One of MC's favorite beers is Terrapin and luckily enough Athens is where their brewery is located! Later that evening after the game we took a cab out there, to be responsible drinkers, and the cabbie totally ripped us off with the price. Whatever, we proceeded into the brewery got souvenir glasses, drink tickets and were on our way to a fun evening. We took a tour of the brewery and then sampled all of the different beers they had on tap there, my favorite was the Hopsecutioner! It was a very eclectic place with wooden signs, fun lights and live music. There was a huge outside area but it was a bit chilly so we mostly stayed indoors.

Just one more pic where MC decided not to smile, typical

Good tip if you ever to to Terrapin, you will receive eight tickets. For a full beer you must fork over four tickets, but one ticket will get you 4 oz. which actually turns into more than half a glass. Do the one ticket thing, do it!

We went out to a good dinner that night and grabbed breakfast and cupcakes on our way out of town Sunday. Again I was sad to wrap up another adventure, especially when I was on Spring Break, but MC had to get back to teach the youth of American on Monday.

The one place I still want to hit before leaving is Atlanta. Yes, gasp, I still have never been to Atlanta. Technically I've been in Atlanta, far too many times to count at ATL, but have never actually experienced it outside of a Brave's game last spring. Once I figure out where I'll be next year I'd love to do a trip there before my job starts and some places I'd definitely like to see are the aquarium, Coke World and the Sweet Water Brewery. Hopefully I'll make it!

Other great places in Atlanta I should look into for my possible trip? Any other great places in Georgia you'd suggest while I'm still close?

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