Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Home Stretch

17 days until I am a master. Repeat after me, 17 days.

One would think with 17 days and a minimal to-do list left things would be smooth sailing from here, right? Why the heck can I not find any motivation?

Things standing between me and getting my hood:
-8 page paper on Policy in Higher Ed
-10 one page current event journals on diversity
-Completing a few projects for my GA and practicum

Things I'm doing instead:
-Perusing anything and everything possible on Ebay (and make a few sudden "buy it now" purchases)
-Going through my entire wardrobe and categorizing my clothes into "keep", "alter", "sell", and "give away"
-Then having a photoshoot and sending items to be posted on Re-Lilly and Shopaholic's Preppy Closet (if you have no clue what I'm talking about, please go find them on Facebook!)
-Going as far back as possible in my Facebook tagged photos and drowning in a pool of self-pity that I'm really about to be thrown out into the real world
-Making to-do lists for everything that I want to or could be doing if I wasn't procrastinating or "doing work"

Please leave any words of wisdom, great jam-out tunes, or monetary donations to assist me through these rough times. 

I promise I won't blog anymore until I finish the big paper. Maybe...

ps. tonight I found God (and may or may not have eaten too many mini Rolos)

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