Thursday, April 26, 2012


No, I didn't get cake pops backwards! On my adventure to try out new recipes, I stumbled upon this gem on Pinterest (how else would I really find new recipes?) and new I wanted to try it. I have seen and heard about using soda to make cake, brownies, and other baked treats for a while and was very intrigued by this.

Whenever you see the words "100 calorie cupcake" you immediately take notes, and so I did. I found this recipe to really catch my eye because it was with strawberry cake mix (which I love) and suggested Cool Whip instead of frosting the cupcakes. Now I love icing as much a the next gal, but sometimes I want something lighter, and let's face it...not so damn calorie-laden. I found this recipe around the same time I was studying for comps and so decided to make them for one of my group's study sessions. 

They turned out to be absolutely delicious and were a hit in my group! Using soda to make these cupcakes instead of oil, eggs, etc. made them super light and gave them a texture I want refer to as fudgy? I don't know how else to describe it but kind of closer to brownie-ish texture? You'll just have to try them out for yourself and see!

Late night snack for me and the roomie!

Strawberry Soda Cupcakes
One box of strawberry cake mix
12 oz. of Diet 7-Up (I used diet gingerale)
Light Cool Whip

Combine mix and soda, pour into baking or cupcake pan and follow cake mix box instructions for baking. After cooled, frost cupcakes with light Cool Whip (just before serving). Garnish with fruit if desired!

Have you made baked goods with soda before? Did you like how they turned out? Any recipes in particular you would definitely recommend?

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