Monday, April 9, 2012

Where In the World?

Where in the world is semi-charmed? Yea...disappearing act part two, whoops!

This past month has been absolutely ridiculous. I was honestly traveling more than I was actually in Columbia for the entire month. The first week I was out for break and a wedding, then was back for a week before I went to to Washington DC for a class on Policy in higher education then in 48 hours turned around and went to Lousiville, KY for the annual ACPA convention.

Between traveling and job searching I've been completely worn out and haven't had a second to catch my breath. But here are some highlights from the past month that you missed out on...
Happy Hour in gorgeous DC weather

Our class in front of the White House

After eight hours in the car we are jam packed in an elevator with far too much luggage!

HESA students at ACPA 2012

With Amy & Michelle (other Career Center GAs) at the White House

With the spuddies for Jessie's birthday!

Enjoying life with ACPA roomies

Louisville Slugger museum

I can check another city off my list and collected a lot of memories, photos and items for scrapbooking. It's been quite a ride and I'll have a few more detailed updates coming soon. I've definitely missed time to blog, collect my thoughts and chronicle my journeys!

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