Tuesday, April 10, 2012

You Are The Best Thing

So not really introducing them...but today is my friend Lauren's one month anniversary of being married to the sweet, sweet Daniel! This past month has been crazy so now it's time to play a bit of catch up. A month ago today I had the privilege of standing by Lauren's side when she said her "I do's" and then celebrating their marriage all night long.

Being in Lauren's wedding was an absolute blast, from her bachelorette to all of the festivities right before the wedding and of course the big day itself!

Lauren is from Wilmington, where she was married, and so I came in to town early and along with some other bridesmaids and family friends we stuffed some yummy popcorn tinted with the wedding colors (yellow and pink!) into bags for favors. We may have eaten a bit of the popcorn along the way with our champagne punch...

Friday was the bridal luncheon which was at the Holiday Inn Sunspree at Wrightsville Beach, and absolutely gorgeous! We were in an ocean view room and one of Lauren's close family friends and second mom coordinated such a special event. All of the decorations and special touches to the event were "so Lauren"!

After a leisurely afternoon of some shopping and chatting with Lauren we got ready and headed to the church for the rehearsal and then dinner. Dinner was so nice and it was at Riverboat Landing, which is a restaurant I had always wanted to go with a date in college because they have these cute little two person balconies with tables. Too precious! There were many adorable pictures of Lauren and Daniel in their younger years, and sweet words shared about them beginning a new life together. 

Then it was time for the big day! I caught up with one of my sorority sisters who did my hair and makeup (shout out to Meredith!) and then headed to the church where finished up getting ready, snapped some pics and then headed down the aisle. Lauren was absolutely stunning and with this being the first wedding I've been in (minus my longtime status as a flower girl-I did about 5 of those gigs as the only young girl on both sides of the family growing up) I definitely got teary and know I'm going to continue to be a wreck in all of my friends weddings in the next few years. 

The ceremony was gorgeous, we took a few more pictures and headed to the reception site and awaited their arrival!

The reception was an absolute blast! My best friend from home, KMK was there with her roommate and luckily MC was able to come into town that day for the wedding as well. We laughed, danced, and had our fair share of chardonnay and then headed out afterwards to continue celebrating with the new couple. 

Congratulations again Lauren & Daniel and thanks for having me as a part of your special day! Happy one month anniversary wishing you both much love and many years of happiness together, cheers!

Oh, and the post title--the song for Lauren & Daniel's first dance "You Are the Best Thing" by Ray LaMontagne

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