Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Good Eats: Columbia Edition

The cruise was awesome and I'll get ya a good update soon, beginning the house hunt for my move in a few weeks is consuming almost every minute right now. However, I still need to consume some fuel myself and have set out to try as many local places in Columbia as possible that I haven't hit in my two years here.

I absolutely love local food places and will choose them over a chain any day of the week. I've had my fair share while here in Columbia, SC but have also realized I've missed a few. I'm beginning a list of places to consume my final Columbia meals at!

Please comment and let me know what else I should add to the list, and not just food--but any cool places to visit or be sure to see before I leave town as well!

Rockaway Athletic Club 5/29
Garden Bistro 5/30
Cellar on Greene
Diane's on Devine
Gervais & Vine 6/12
No Name Deli 6/13

...need some help with this one!

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