Monday, May 14, 2012

Separated at Birth

I may have met my long lost twin this weekend. Her name is Jesi Parker and she's me...but from Michigan!

This past weekend I went to Tri Sigma's Dunham Women of Character Institute in Chicago where I served as a mentor for a group of emerging leaders from our chapters across the country. Each group had two mentors, and I was excited to be paired with Miss Parker. We chatted before arriving, already racking up the similarities between us. It became creepier and creepier as the weekend went by...

Reasons why we were separated at birth
-Short brown hair
-AND glasses (of similar-ish style)
-We love cats
-We both joined Tri Sigma in Fall '05
-We're both sleep talkers
-We're in short-distance relationships with significant others about an hour away
-These relationships both began in 2011
-In grad school our roommates were Sigma Kappas
-They were also both GAs for Greek Life
-We love arts and crafts (she has a cool Etsy shop--check it out!)
-We both recently received our masters in higher education
-We're also still both job searching (hire us please?)
-Our resumes are an almost identical format
-We like to sleep in cold hotel rooms
-We need coffee to function, lots of coffee
-We like to challenge AND support
-Revenge is one of our favorite shows

There is probably more that I may be forgetting now, but as I said creeeeeeepy! We had a blast leading the awesome group 5 throughout the institute, aren't they just adorable?

It was so refreshing to re-charge my Sigma batteries this weekend. There was definitely something special about this experience working with so many younger Tri Sigmas who for the most part were in Chicago by themselves for the event. They were so excited to be there, eager to learn, and had great things to share. I'm excited to keep in touch with these ladies and looking forward to seeing the wonderful things they'll do in their respective chapters.

I am so grateful to be a part of this organization and have loved so much to see how far it's grown in my seven years of membership. I cannot even fathom what she will continue to do in the future. This experience was such a treat for these women and if our chapters had been strong before these leadership programs were in place...they will now be unstoppable!

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