Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Shopaholic Goes to Sea

After saving up some money from my blog sale, items sold on Re-Lilly, and graduation, I decided a shopping trip was in order! I'm getting ready for a cruise next week with Mr. Charming and two other friends and wanted to splurge on some fun items. We are going on a five day cruise to the Bahamas porting at Nassau and Freeport and I couldn't be more excited for a vacation with great people, sunshine, and a phone that will have no service :)

I have tons of bathing suits already (though I left myself get just one more!) and so was looking for more sundress/cover up type items.

Here are some of my great finds:
Coral & White Patterned Sundress
I really wanted a dress with capped sleeves for one day while we're ported so my shoulders don't fry in the sun!
Lemon Lime Beach Tote
I was so excited to find this! I've always used an old canvas tote and found this little guy who is so bright & perfect for the beach.

Bold Stripe Maxi Dress
Takes me forever to find maxis that I like so I had to snatch this up and can't wait to wear it in a tropical location!

Polka Dot Swimsuit
It was love at first sight :)

First rule in the sun is sunscreen! This stuff has always been my fave, has the best scent and is not too greasy. I got the 30 lotion & 50 spray. I have some face stuff at home but can't seem to find more anywhere.

Gold Beachy Old Navy Flip Flops
Didn't purchase these, but just got them as a sweet gift my friend Morgan sent when she asked me to be her bridesmaid (their wedding is in Key West, hence the beach theme). They are too perfect for the cruise, I own no rubber flip flops so they came just in time!

I'm still working on making a list of what to pack. I know that this really isn't too intense and I need bathing suits, dresses, shorts & tanks, flip flops, etc. but I still always hate preparing for something I haven't yet experienced. As someone who needs to always be prepared it definitely stresses me out. I've got the big purple suitcase out and am beginning to fill it with what I've rallied up so far.

We set sail next Thursday out of Charleston and I absolutely cannot wait!!

Have you been on a cruise before? Any tips on what to pack, or what to wear when we port? Any other general tips, or information on Nassau or Freeport? I'd love to hear any advice!


Charlotte said...

I love LOVE that swimsuit!

Anna said...

Thanks Charlotte! I was excited to find it, I got it at TJ Maxx but it's Aerie if you want to try and hunt one down!