Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bahama Mama

My cruise to the Bahamas was fabulous! Everything that I bought definitely came in handy, though I definitely over packed a bit. I'd for sure pack differently the next time around but I was for sure prepared for anything that came our way.

I'd definitely be interested in cruising again, though this time not into a tropical storm (thanks for nothing Beryl). I'm thinking of following up with tips I learned from cruising, what I would/wouldn't do again. Not only for y'all but so I can remember myself too for next time.

Enjoy some of the highlights!

We're on vacation, yeah!

Mr. Charming racing an eight year old girl

MC eating up on lobster night

Ported in Nassau

Best $8 ever spent for a water taxi to/from Paradise Island and this amazing tour guide

Atlantis was soooo pretty, it's now on my list

Thinking I may abandon all plans and just buy a condo in Nassau?

Bahama Mamas!

Fancy dinner

MC surprised me with flowers!

Our favorite wall mural

Next stop, Freeport!

Port Lucaya was beautiful and an awesome place to shop

Pretty like a post card!

Leaving Freeport to head home

There are about 5 of these pictures from the trip
A: Smile, I need to see teeth, cheesy, c'mon!!
MC: Like this?

Finally got our Pina Coladas!

We had an awesome dinner table full of young couples and the best wait staff, this really made the trip that much better!

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Charlotte said...

Love the pictures! Looks like y'all had fun! Atlantis is AMAZING! I went there in high school and would love to go back.