Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cooking for Deux

I've had a few recipes I tried out earlier this spring and never had time to share which is unfortunate because they have been some of my favorites! These were dishes that MC and I had previously eaten together as I've been working hard to find vegetarian friendly (or seafood) dishes that would appeal to both of us. We have rather different tastes when it comes to food but luckily he'll eat just about anything, so that works pretty well!

It's been a while since I've done a Simply Sensational Tuesday, so time to link up!

The first dish is Mexican Baked Eggs, the recipe which I found via Pinterest. I've actually made this one a few times since finding it since you can save the base sauce to make it individually fresh throughout the week. Since we like a certain egg to veggies ratio we actually used six eggs instead of four this time, and naturally...extra cheese.

Look at that cheese all bubbly and beautiful. Mmm can't you just taste it?

In the picture with the original recipe, there are some avocado slices on the side which we copied the first time and it added some creamy coolness. Tonight we felt like guac and so I smashed up our avocado with a little salt, cilantro and lemon juice (I've yet to get lime) for instant guac and voila! With some wheat Tostitos scoops, which are awesome to compliment this, you've got one great and hearty meal.

This next one looks (and tastes!) so fancy, but it's seriously one of the easiest dishes to make. Roasted Tomatoes with Shrimp & Feta was also found via Pinterest, and you can see the original recipe here. The only labor is chopping tomatoes and garlic...seriously. Throw everything in olive oil and roast it, mmm. As recommended we had some good crusty bread with it, and being the Italian that I am I sopped up every last bit of the yummy olive oil/roasting/heaven mixture in my bowl. That part may have even been more tasty then consuming the dish itself...

Trying to be accommodating and letting MC also pick a menu item, we finally made his Clam Linguine  that he requested over a month ago. I had thought he emailed me a recipe so I searched "clam" (awkward) in my Gmail and found that back in January Hungry Girl had featured a swap for the dish--even though I usually delete the emails I knew they'd all come in handy one day! Naturally, her version clearly had much less calories and was still great. I accidentally got a little eager and actually threw the grated parm into the sauce rather than sprinkling on top, but it made the sauce cheesier and thicker turned out to be good. Despite my hesitations it was a pretty good dish!

I'm hoping to try out many more recipes as MC and I start cooking together and I continue to work towards my goal of 52 in 52, so stay tuned!

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