Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Funnies

It's just barely 9:30am and my Friday is already off to an interesting start. Every morning after snoozing 4 times rolling over to hit my alarm, the first thing I do is (drum roll please) pick up my phone, duh. I scan for any emergency emails/texts, look at notifications and then get on Twitter. Like most mornings my timeline was filled with Good Morning America and the Today Show, but luckily this morning I didn't just scroll through all of them and saw that the Biebs was on Today Show. I'm typically a GMA person, but I turned the TV on right in time for "Boyfriend" to start, and immediately got out of bed and dancing!

I went and got coffee at Starbucks with the excuse that I already packed my coffee maker, coffee, filters, life, etc. On the way back I popped into my apartment's office to ask them a question about moving. And here's what I got:

Disclaimer: everyone that works in this office is horrible (except one kinda sweet girl) and this has been the worst place I've ever lived, they have the strictest visitor spot policy in the world. I wouldn't even refer my worst enemy. 

Me: Hiiiii! I have a question about moving next week. I'll have a Uhaul Sunday night to pack up and leave Monday morning, just wanted to check and see where I should park it?

Life Ruiner: Hmmmm (stares up at her supervisor, who is the queen of all evil)

Me: Well since school has been out, it's pretty empty around my building so there are plenty of spaces I could use so it doesn't stick out in the parking lot.

Life Ruiner: It's definitely going to need to be in a visitor spot.


Life Ruiner: You should try to park it in a row of visitor spots.

Me: On a Sunday night? You think there will be a row of visitor spots available? 

Life Ruiner: Sorry, I mean they're really strict about that here.

I gave them a death look and as I walked out noted that it wasn't going to happen and if my Uhaul gets towed the night before I have move they'll never hear the end of it. Are you kidding me? Hopefully I won't have to post about any missing trucks next week...

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Charlotte said...

Moving out of college apartments can be such a hassle! Our last apartment had a power line hanging low over the long driveway, so the movers had to park at the street and carry everything because the truck wouldn't fit!

Good luck with the move!