Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Places, New Faces

No worries friends, I am alive and I didn't have to tell anyone off due to any towed Uhaul trucks during my move! It has been a crazy two weeks since I last posted and can't believe I'm in a new apartment, new city, new state and at a new job--what a whirlwind.

Moving became just peachy when my body decided that it hated me for our three big moving days. Had a great dinner at Rhinehart's, one my favorites, and some froyo with MC's friends our last night in Augusta. Day one we got the Uhaul and tore through, packed and scrubbed down loaded Mr. Charming's already packed boxes and furniture. The entire day I felt like I was going to blow chunks everywhere, for lack of better words, and literally laid down and slept off and on all day. I felt pretty worthless, and mainly anxious due to my helpful nature of wanting to get up and control assist. 

Day two we were up to Columbia having movers pack my apartment into the truck, and that day my body decided to feel like it was going to faint all morning. Walking up and down three flights of stairs did not help. Laid in my closet (only space movers didn't need to go into--see it's a good thing I always have HUGE closets!) until it was time to go and then lasted an hour on the road to VA before I felt like I was going to fall asleep. Then MC realized I hadn't really eaten in 48 hours and after a half hour nap in a McDonald's parking lot (yes, you read right), a small fry and two apple dippers later we were back on the road. 

Made it to VA, signed lease and found that our AC (which the guy noted during our visit was broken and would be fixed by the time we moved in) was just not working 100%. Luckily this was before the heat wave and we were able to get cool air with the windows open. 

Day three movers come to unpack the truck. I already felt a little queasy, and when we opened it up to find that our lovely SC packers didn't strap in my six foot bookshelf and it was torn to pieces I got a little more sick. Luckily my mom came an hour later, and we all know that moms can fix any ailment. 

The end of the story is that I finally got better (then MC got a stomach bug for the day), our AC was completely replaced (after three days of no air in a heat wave, hello 86* inside!), and we finally got the apartment together (after I blew through the remainder of both my checking and savings accounts). 

All in all though, it was a decent move and I'm excited to have a "grown up" apartment. Really "grown up" to me just means that everything isn't pink, green & orange (the color scheme I've used since freshman year), I'm drinking out of actual glass glasses, I've thrown away tons of clutter...and I'm sharing a closet. 

As I'm slightly obsessed with some of the things I've bought for the apartment I of course want to share and think I may do so room by room. Also because the guest room/office/man cave still has stacks of boxes that we've shoved in there rather than unpacking. Whoops, maybe I'm not really a grown up. 

In the meantime you can enjoy these snapshots from life in Richmond...
Coming into RVA for good

I'm seriously in love with these placemats, I could just sit in my dining room and stare at them all day

And also in love with this duvet (which looks way better in person, if possible)

Introducing MC to Cookout, not sure how this never happened in Cola
Mmm Banana Pudding milkshakes

Enjoying our new pool over the weekend after hard work setting up all week!

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Charlotte said...

Congrats on the move! The place looks so cute - can't wait to see the rest of it!